My Pillow Headquarters Address, CEO Email and Contact Info

My Pillow, Inc. is a popular pillow manufacturing company with headquarters base located in Chaska, Minnesota, United States. The company offers a wide range of product which includes mattress toppers, accessory pillows, pet beds, bed pillows and much more. The brand is quite famous and it is available all over United States through its retail stores or online portal.

You can visit one of the store’s location close to you or visit their online website, if planning to buy any of the above mentioned product range or more similar products for your personal household use. Explore the company’s important contact info in the upcoming sections, you can find here My Pillow Headquarters address, Corporate Phone Number, Customer Services Contacts, Media Relations Contacts, Inventors email and more.

My Pillow
My Pillow, Photo Credit: JOEL KOYAMA – STAR TRIBUNE

My Headquarters Contact Information

To get in touch with My Headquarters Officers, you can mail them your concerns or other official documents at Corporate Headquarters Address. Please take a note of My Headquarters Address: 343 East 82nd Street Suite 102 Chaska, MN 55318 United States. For visits also, please use the same address, an appointment in advance is appreciated.

Also you can contact My Headquarters Officials on phone, please note down the My Headquarters Phone Number: 1-800-544-8939. Customer Services Email and Phone

Here in this section, you can find My Customer Service Contact Information, please note it down:

For placing orders, you can call My Customer Support Order Now 24/7/365: 1-800-544-8939.

To get information, support or for other concerns, please call My Customer Service 24/7/365: 1-800-308-1299.

You may also share your concern with My Customer Support through email, please send your concern by email at My Customer Service Email Address:

Media Inquiries Email

To contact My Media Relations for media inquiries or requests, please email at: Non media inquiries and requests will not be responded at the given email address, please route general info or concerns to Customer Support.

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Finished Product Inventors Email

To contact Finished Product Inventor, please email your queries at:

Quick Fact

The company was founded in the year 2009. Mike Lindell is the founder of My Pillow, Inc. and also holds the patenting rights of the company.

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28 thoughts on “My Pillow Headquarters Address, CEO Email and Contact Info”

  1. Your CE Is is total liar.I hope he is
    Betterat treating his employees than he is at telling the truth. I don’t think he knows what the truth is

    • Mike Lindell is patriot and a God fearing one at that. In the America I grew up in folks like yourself are entitled to your opinion because the founding fathers saw fit to to draft documents that made your right to an opinion Law of the Land. Everything does not go as we wish all the time. Not even for Mr. Lindell. However he is a proven fighter for God and the People and in this you should consider and support that effort as well My opinion.

  2. MR. Lindell
    I am sooooo happy to hear about your venture into the internet. I am soooo sick of the media now in play. I just have stopped using ALL of it. I will be a user as soon as your system is up and running.

    P.S. Also have many of your products and love them.


  3. mike lindell is a true american. a Christian conservative patriot not afraid of cancel culture or the lying commie media. Yeshua the Lion of Judah will return triumphant and destroy the army of the antichrist but until that day we the people will fight to regain our republic from these satan worshiping baby killer thugs who are ripping it to shreds now. wake up patriots the darkness advances minute by minute

    • I starte d researchong vaccines c a decade ago after first seeing MERCURY as one of the ingredients. Down the rabbit hole I went warning everybody i could sbout their true purpose;intention loosing family and friends along the way due to my “insanity”. 6 mos before we ever heard the word “covid” i wrote my Son in Norway “if there is an ebola outbreak or any other pandemic its because people are waking up to fast and they have to get that needle in us. The “death shot” I had been warning about for years.this is a immensly small fragment of my story.I also was on “mr toads”wild ride 40 yrs alcohol and the diverse consequences that accompany this life.Conservative Christian who has no fear only disdain for the human skinned Demons.Im halfway through Mikes book. “Holy Skanoli ragatuchi”Mike actually awe struck you sure got me beat When you are recruiting let me know GOD Bless you Mike Lindell

    • Wow – Get a grip on reality Charles. Satan worshipping baby killer thugs? Show proof to your ridiculous fantasy. Sounds like you need to see a shrink? You are clearly Crazy.
      Just curious? When is the Army of the Antichrist rolling into your town?

  4. Mike Lindell, the Lord is with you.
    He is the likeness of the fourth man in the furry furnace.
    He fights the battle, for the battle is the Lord’s.
    He is the Supreme Judge.
    The enemies will mock you, falsely accuse you, but the Lord has exposed them.
    You hold the truth.
    As you go forward, remember to follow exactly what the Lord tells you.
    There are those around you, and even those who have been around President Trump, who are leakers, who give counsel that is NOT of the Lord.
    You must separate from them.
    Hold your “cards” of evidence, strategies and action plans close to your chest.
    Be careful about the interview requests.
    Many of those who extend such requests are setting up snares.
    The Lord shows us that Chief Justice Roberts must be replaced. His judgements are skewed
    A new Justice is to rise up and replace Roberts – Justice Clarence Thomas.
    As Justice Scalia was a fierce lion of JUSTICE, Thomas will walk in the same mantle.
    But we MUST pray for his protection.
    Seriously plead the blood of Jesus Christ over, through and all around him.
    I petition the Lord to please take the reins and guide you, through this year and the years to come.
    Much of the opposition that has been waged against President Trump has come from the bowels of those who are in office, who call California their home.
    But there will come a great shaking – Pelosi, Harris, Roberts, Breyer, Schiff, Waters, and others who are operating in the Jezebel spirit, will fall.
    This season of spring into summer shall be called a summer of shock…by September the war waged against the Lord’s people will be shaken.
    The election in the USA was wrought with fraud… this we know…and the Lord is angry.
    But those who find shelter under the wings of the Lord shall be victorious.
    Watch for the darkness being blasted by the light of the Lord.
    In the meantime, I pray for you, that you will arise in victory.
    Stay humble, committed and submitted to the Lord.
    May you be a blessing to the USA…and may you likewise be blessed.

    • Hi Patricia – If you believe the crap you spewed here go see a psychiatrist. You need help. Since none of the BS you state here is real. How do you reconcile your imagination with the real world you somehow live in. Mike Lindell is a phony former coke dealer that learned a new way to fleece the foolish. When you get proof to your strange beliefs share them with the world. In the meantime try stronger meds.

  5. Epilepsy pillow — would you please consider making a pillow that is suffocation proof for those with epilepsy and other conditions. The only one currently available is from the UK and very expensive, which many parents can’t afford for their children with medical issues. (google suffocation pillow and you’ll see the information on that pillow).
    PLEASE!! This is so important. It might not make you a ton of money, but is good for PR and think of the lives you might save.

    Hoping you’ll consider this request!!

  6. I wish you the best!! You are a man of honor and do not deserve this harassment. Please have faith. God is on your side. You have been true to yourself and our country. God bless!

  7. I am the originator of PATRIOT First, my own Logo, and need your help and advice to get the message out that; being a PATRIOT First means my only loyalty is to the Constitution as written.
    I might be a republican, Democrat or independent.
    I might have white, black, yellow or red
    I might be Presbyterian, Southern Baptist, Catholic, Jewish or Muslim.
    My heritage might be any of a hundred kinds and I come from every where and every walk of life.
    I am a Citizen of the Greatest Country in the world and will appose any attempt to instill Socialism or Communism in my life
    by any political party, group or Deep State Actors
    For I am a

  8. Election integrity is the issue, the one issue, and the only issue for all of America!

    Thank You for your efforts in this regard!

    Reach me when you can!

  9. I lived in MN for 40 years and now live in Arizona. I lived in McLeod County and drove through Chaska many times on my way to work in Minneapolis. I want to thank you for your support and hard work for our President Donald Trump. Our country is in such a sorry state now thanks to Biden. I wish someone would start impeachment against him because he has put America’s safety, health and finances at risk. Any CEO who committed those crimes would immediately be fired. We need to get him removed by any means possible and then proceed to take Harris out next. We need Republicans to get tough right now and quit catering to the socialist dems.

    If you can convince any of your sources to start impeachment please do so. A thankful America will be forever in your debt.

    Arizona is in deep crisis now with the open borders. I am 76 years old and live alone out in the desert west of Phoenix near I-10. Illegals are being apprehended daily on the Interstate and then released. I keep my gun near me at all times and have three large dogs with big voices, but I an still in fear of any strangers in the area.

    I admire and respect you for conquering your addiction. I have had drug problems within my family also and pray they will have the courage to quit.

    Finally, I love my “My Pillows” and have bought them for my family too.
    Thanks again for all you do!

    • Who the fuc* do you think you are? trump was and is an ignorant asshole!!! You holy rollers are all alike. I hope you, lindell and trump di* a horrible deat*

      • Dude you need to take a chill pill. I heard the covid vaccine will program you to remove all that anger. People like you may want to consider it. Try doing something constructive in a Christian way…you will feel better about what your doing. Yes you are correct about us holy rollers. We will prey for you and hope god will lead you. But for him to do so you must ask him to do so. Try it I know you will become a happier person and is a better solution then the vaccine. I would try god first. That’s what I do and it has rewarding results. Mike Lindell, is living proof of it. Thank you My Pillow and your Fear less CEO Mike Lindell. I look so up too people like Mike and yes DONALD J Trump!!! What a duel. It don’t get any better!!!

      • I rebuke the spirt within you. To be silent in the name of Jesus!! The proof of leadership is before the nation even now you see trouble on every side fuel prices threw the roof ounce again cause across the board inflation, social unrest, rioting and looting. Donald Trump did not do any of that

  10. Trump was a draft dodger, cheated contractors who built Trump Casino in Atlantic City, won’t show us his taxes, or school records. He has a vocabulary of a young teenager, admits to not reading (much like his supporters), and incited violence. White Nationalist and Proud Boy supporter. Trump never had the support of the majority of Americans. Mike is a racist also.

    • Ya what we have now is much better! How did you get Dr. in front of your name? Are you so blind? Fuel cost even now on the rise, causing inflation to go right back into high gear. Government spending in the name of a pandemic causing people to not go to work. There are jobs to be had. I don’t want governments spending us into any more dept.We had record breaking gains with the last president. With their are record breaking failures. It doesn’t take a PhD to see the differences.

    • Well said Dr. Shevack. Trump is a disgusting, spoiled, ignorant, criminal pig. The worst President in history. Would Jesus vote for Trump?

  11. This message is for Mike Lindell. First of all, I just want to thank you for fighting for our country. You are truly an American hero! Your documentaries are very insightful and important. But please, please, please…when you have a guest on that has evidence to present, please be quiet and let them give their information. The best host is one who has amazing guests on, and then sits back and lets THEM talk. We love you Mike, and we’re glad you’re fighting for us, but people will tune you out if they just hear you all the time and don’t hear your guests giving the true evidence. We’re praying for protection for you and your family and all those that are working with you. God bless you as you serve Him!

  12. Dennis Montgomery, the CIA / DoD contractor-turned-whistleblower who designed and built THE HAMMER foreign surveillance system and its exploit known as SCORECARD, provided sworn testimony to the FBI and the DOJ in 2015 about THE HAMMER, SCORECARD, and SCORECARD’s capability to hack into election systems from Dominion, Smartmatic, and other voting system vendors. Montgomery revealed H&S was commandeered by Brennan& Clapper in 2009 given to Obama then Obama moved the program to Ft Washington Md Feb 3, 2009. Obama had an encrypted VPN in order to access the hack at will. They did, 2012 election evidence taken from Fl voting machine hard drives prove the Scorecard hack was used by Obama Biden. Evidence turned over to the DOJ & FBI where it sits untouched. Mike contact Dennis Montgomery, you will get a mountain of evidence.

  13. I listened to Dr. Frank and became convinced that he is correct. It disturbs me a great deal that there appears to be undeniable PROOF the election was ‘stolen’ and yet nothing is (obviously) happening to cure that monumental problem. Moreover, I go to Lindelltv .com and see two first impressions every time: 1. It does NOT look all that professional at a glance. 2. This impatient world does NOT have time to weed in there and get to the clear proofs, so they come away (many people, I’m sure….) with this looking like another false claim. Finally, I don’t know what should happen next and I can’t imagine anyone does know the answer to that! If I had to guess, the best we could hope for is a new election in 2022 for the Presidency as WELL.
    God Speed

  14. Total imaginary BS. You assume to worst without a shred of evidence. How about assuming that you and others that think like you are crazy. You believe in an imaginary supernatural being. That alone shows a clear detachment from reality. With your story, you assume that your dedicated fellow citizens that manage our elections are incompetent or complicit in voter fraud. You know nothing about how our elections are run. Please go back into your hole.

  15. Thank You Mike for your commitment! Just ordered a set of sheets and can’t wait to see the quality.
    I would like to say that I have watched all 3 of your videos on the election and even though I believe there is good and honest data in there, I do believe for them to be more effective, you need to simplify the presentation. As a software programmer for over 30 years, I can understand what’s being presented. However, the average person will have a hard time understanding it. As you said, you needed to teach yourself. Don’t assume that the general public or even the Courts grasp the concept of digital communication. Most assume it’s a mystery box that they can communicate with. If you could present some basic communication theory with diagrams and maybe compare it to a telephone with analog communication people might understand the why and how’s they were able to determine the sender and receiver of data. Like how a phone number is like an IP address. How a MAC address is used to ID a specific machine, like a serial number on a phone. Then how Digital data is used to carry the conversation based on 1’s and 0’s and how you know what’s being said. Then explain the data. Just them thoughts, but you need to ‘dumb’ it down for everyone to understand.


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