Marriott International Corporate Headquarters Address, Contact Details, CEO Email and More

Marriott International is a world famous hospitality company, headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, United States of America. The company is a famous brand for luxury hotels and lodging facilities. They have famous luxury hotels in Venice, Montreal, Toronto, Chicago, Mexico City, and other popular destinations. They are operating various luxury hotel chains around the world under various names. For example, JW Marriott, Westin, Autograph Collection Hotels, St. Regis, The Luxury Collection, Tribute Portfolio, Courtyard, Aloft, JW Marriott, The Ritz-Carlton, and many more.

Marriott International is headed by the Chief Executive Officer Arne M. Sorenson since 2012. They have expanded their hospitality business in various destinations under various brands. Let’s see headquarters contacts of Marriott International including CEO email address, corporate office phone number and more.

Marriott International Headquarters
Marriott International Headquarters

Marriott International Headquarters Address and Phone Number

Are you a customer of Marriott International or its brands? Do you have any query, question or feedback? Do you want to share something with the company’s headquarters? If your answer yes, then please note down Marriott International Corporate Headquarters Address: 10400 Fernwood Road Bethesda, MD 20817 United States.

To share your concern, feedback or any other thing on telephone, please dial 1-301-380-3000. Please note that this phone number can only be used for general inquiry.

Marriott International CEO Email Address

The company is lead by the CEO Arne Sorenson. Please get in touch with this highest level executive / company official with very serious and important issues / queries only. For customer related queries, please get in touch with Marriott International Customer Support Team. If you are not satisfied with customer support resolution and other high-level customer support officers, you can shoot your email to the CEO on this email ID:

Marriott International Investor Relations Contacts

The company is listed on the NASDAQ with ticker name MAR. If you have any question or query related to your shareholding or investment, please get in touch with shareholder services company on this phone number 1-800-311-4816 (U.S. and Canada). Computershare Shareholder Services managing the shares related matter. Please get in touch with shareholder services company for matter of lost stock certificate, shareholder records, buy or sell Marriott stock, change of address, change of stock ownership, and more.

If your query is related to investor website, investor events, analyst inquiries, or general financial questions, please dial +1-301-380-6500 or email your concern to

Marriott International Media Relations Contacts

Are you a press reporter or online news portal reporter or anyone from press? and have any question related to media reports or have any question related to Marriott brands? If yes, then please note down Marriott International Media Relations Email Address:

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Social Media Presence

They have good fan following on various social media websites and platforms. Please note down their official profile URLs: Facebook Page, Instagram Profile, Twitter Handle, and YouTube Channel.

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12 thoughts on “Marriott International Corporate Headquarters Address, Contact Details, CEO Email and More”

  1. April 18, 21

    Sunday, 11April21, I called and made a reservation for Thursday, 15Apr21, at the Marriott Portland Downtown/Convention Center Hotel. I said that we’d need a dog room with a queen or king bed for one night. Usually, the person taking the reservation will review the rates and details at the end of the call; she did not.

    We’ve been rewards members for years, but for over a year we haven’t been travelling/using hotels due to the pandemic. I like the Courtyard hotels because they have indoor pools and whirlpools.

    So, Thursday we arrived around 4:00. The only option for parking was valet parking; Parking in the lot was no longer available. When I checked in, the woman at the front desk mentioned the $32 valet fee. My wife and I loaded our bags on to a cart. As we were passing by the front desk with our small dog, the woman that checked us in approached us and in a barely audible voice said, “Just wanted to make sure you were aware that the dog fee is $150.” I had to pause because I couldn’t believe what I’d heard; then, in a rather loud voice, I said, “150 dollars for a pet room? That’s outrageous!” The other woman at the counter, I assume the manager, interjected that they must sanitize the room for guests that are allergic to dogs. My wife Cathy spoke up and said, “Pet fees average about $25 to $30 at all the other hotels.”

    My wife and I were ready to just say, “We’re out of here.” It would have been a major pain to get our car out of valet parking and load up all of our stuff, but we were ready to do just that. Then the woman at the desk (the manager?) said, “We will reduce the pet fee to $75, but only this one time.” We were both still steaming, but we really didn’t feel like looking around for another dog friendly room in downtown Portland on a Friday afternoon after driving for hours. We were tired and there was a slim chance of getting a room elsewhere. We were screwed! So, we told them we did not feel we were treated fairly, but we signed a paper saying we would pay it…reluctantly.

    The next morning, when we departed, my wife told the lady at the front desk (the manager?) that we would never stay at a Marriott again because of the outrageous pet fee imposed on guests. The lady at the front desk said she’d mention the $150 fee to her manager.

    When we got home there was a message on our answering machine from the manager saying they would only charge $25 for the pet fee (because they hadn’t told us in advance.) This $150 pet fee seems like a scam, and I really feel that unsuspecting guests are being taken advantage of. I feel we were set-up, springing a pet room fee on us that’s more than the room rate as we were wheeling our luggage to our room. Shame on you, Marriott.

    Tracy Kim
    Rewards member

  2. I just don’t understand how you can still charge for a room that I wasn’t able to use because the battery was dead and wouldn’t open the door. I stayed at the SpringHill Suites in Charleston off of Ashley Phosphate and have stayed there several times. We always get 2 rooms. Unless someone does something about this situation we will never stay in another Marriott branded hotel again. I asked for a refund or another nights stay for not being able to use the room at all and they refused saying that I should’ve gone down to the front desk in person to ask them to repair and open the door. That’s after I tried numerous times to call the desk from the other room. The front desk readily admitted that they had to replace the battery in the lock of the room in order for them to get in. Your manager there isn’t very customer service friendly at all in fact I will go out on a limb and legitimately call him the biggest ass I’ve ever come in contact with. If this is how Marriott is going to do business from now on I clearly am not going to pay to be treated in such a manner.

    • It appears that a lot of people are having trouble with Marriott lately. It certainly is not the sameCompany before covid. Do yourself a favor and close your doors and sell it to someone that knows how to run a hotelI stayed there for many many years and will never go back to a Marriott again

  3. You no Im going through the worst issue in my life your hotel toke $280 off my credit card I paid price line for the room when I got to the hotel the lady took my card for deposit well come to find out she charged me for the room again and charged me for the $200 deposit so I check my back the lady took $280 off my card I’m trying to get my money back sense the May 12 I’ve CALD got treated bad not to mention there’s no record of me staying there this hole issue has put me through total stress that $280 that your employee took off my card isn’t to my pg&e and put food on my table now here I am no pg&e no food do to your employee unprofessional action she took my money that she shouldn’t of even touched I’m going beyound your control

  4. I realize Marriott is a corporation in the business of making a profit. I must however question what amounts to tacit support for capital riot supporters, election deniers and QAnon conspiracy theorists.

    Allowing the shameful organization known as “America First,” which is little more than a white supremacist hate group, hold a rally at a Delta by Marriott hotel in Mesa, AZ on 5/21/21 is extremely troubling.

    As a Titanium Elite member and a stock holder, I would like to voice my disappointment and utter astonishment at this rally being allowed on Marriott property.

    Please reconsider these types of events in the future and publicly distance the corporation from this, and any other organization which promotes hate.

  5. It’s kind of sad to realize… That the hotel itself…. The building…. The decorations…. The elevators…. And the rooms themselves don’t necessarily have an impact on a person’s experience when dealing with a corporation such as Marriott (specifically, the Fairfield location at 117 tollgate road Somerset Pennsylvania 15501). After having written 2 hours in the rain on a motorcycle and looking for a soft bed and a hot shower. First impressions were very good, greeted and treated very well at the front desk. But only 6 hours later after a shift to change, things weren’t so pleasant. Richard, having taken the reins from the previous shift, what my opinion and sentiments, to low point. Case in point. Having some damn clothes from the rain motorcycle ride. I would have expected to receive an exchange for a $5 bill the appropriate amount of quarters to use both the washer and dryer on the grounds of the facility. But to my surprise, I was informed by Richard but he was left with no more than two $5 rolls of quarters for the whole entire memorial Day weekend. Having spent more than 40 years in the customer service business. I am acutely aware of the importance of having the onsite cash box properly stocked with ones fives tens and an assortment of change . To which I was informed that he had no cash box on the premises and he was stuck with the condition of his drawer for the whole weekend. How unfortunate for visiting customers to not be able to require the proper amount of change to use the onsite facilities of the washer and dryer. Hummmm. I then inquired about a cup of coffee from behind the desk. I was then informed by Richard that the existing coffee was old and from the previous morning, noting that we were at the front door of the facility at roughly 4:00 in the afternoon. Hummmm. Nothing happened to observe the outside trash can, that was to the point of overflowing. And this memorial Day weekend of 2021, observing the American flag was not flying from the flagpole. The excuse may be made that you do not fly the flag during the weather. That maybe true one particular Federal and military institutions, but this is merely a prophet making establishment. It’s just sad to think that one’s impression can quickly be changed by the mir lack of attention to detail by someone who possibly was not too Keen to have to work during a holiday weekend. This is just my personal experience. others May differ.

  6. I’m currently staying at the Fairfield Marriott hotel, Cherry Creek. This has been a total disappointment. When we came in the front of the property looked unkempt, garbage overflowing. I got checked in and given a room on the 6th floor. I noticed the 6th floor had a strange odor ,don’t know if is the rugs or what, but it is not a pleasant odor. My room was clean and with a very nice view of the mountains, that was a plus. I was happy to know that breakfast was part of this reservation. Next day another big discovery. No full breakfast buffet….. when I reserved this hotel that was the factor I used to decide on this particular hotel. This hotel had the audacity to have a table with muffins another area with beverages.. What happened with the full breakfast buffet that they currently have advertised on the website. This is false advertisement to lure people to make reservations. Today Memorial day, there is nothing to offer the hotel guests for breakfast…. this is outrageous and deceitful. I paid for the daily breakfast and I got nothing. How long is this hotel going to use covid and the pandemic as an excuse to shortchange paying hotel guests. NOT ACCEPTABLE….

  7. It is my hope that someone from the Marriott Corporate Office will acknowledge this correspondence.

    Over the Memorial Day weekend I visited Atlanta, GA which was not my first time visiting this establishment. I was so excited about visiting my family and staying in the Atlanta Marriott Marque (5/27/21-5/30/21.) again. I also had a friend join me which was her fist time visiting Atlanta. Needless to say her first impression was totally shattered from the moment we entered the hotel. As a child my family has always stayed in Marriott establishments all over the world, which was why I felt comfortable with my choice for our Atlanta trip. Well, I must admit that this was the absolute worst hotel stay that I have ever experienced! The hotel was filthy: stained and dirty carpets (hallways, room and elevator), dirty sheets and towels in the hallway overnight (have time stamped pictures) and the sent of marijuana from the moment you enter the front doors. I do understand that due to the pandemic there may be a shortage in staffing however, I requested for my room to be cleaned by 11:00 am the next day and it took 7 hours for housekeeping to tend to my room (6:00pm). For the duration of my stay my room was cleaned once and I had to pay $60 for that service. I must admit when we ran out of toilet paper a very nice staff member from the front desk by the name of “Mary” personally brought us one roll of toilet paper and new towels.

    My disappointed with the condition of the Atlanta Marriott Marque is obvious, especially when we paid over $190 a night (4 night stay). I would not recommend this establishment to anyone and will no longer patronize Marriott!

  8. Disappointed Marriott card member for years. We have been platinum members and currently a gold member and we reserved a room at the Roanoke, Virginia Fairfield Inn and we are truly disappointed in Marriott not respecting my certificate for our free room. When i called to reserve the room the manager told me when checking to present my certificate. Upon check in we couldn’t use it because it’s not policy unless reserved through the Marriott bonvoy which I normally do. So needless to say I couldn’t use my points or certificate and had to for out $130 for no reason. The money isn’t the issue because we love Marriott but the room was dirty and the bathroom was very dirty. Very disappointed with my stay and Marriott as a whole having to start our vacation dealing with this. However the new young women working the counter was fantastic for only her second day.

  9. During my stay at the Marriott Residence Inn in Branson MO, I found many disturbing things, that I have not encountered and consider it a tarnish on the Marriott name.
    1. The front patio by the entrance has not been cleaned up cigarette butts were scattered on the patio, and had not been cleaned up at all, most of the butts were from the staff they would take their breaks out there by the entrance just leaving the butts on the ground.
    The patio tables had not been wiped down my wife went in and got cleaning solution and towels and cleaned the tables so we could sit at them an umbrella had holes in it, the outside appearance had not been taken care of, hedges not trimmed, dead flowers, lawn not cut in other words I think corporate should have a look at the hotel with their name attached. We are very disappointed we have stayed at other Marriotts before. I will say the staff was helpful but not to motivated about other issues. Management needs to manage.

  10. I am at Marriott Baltimore at Arundel Mills BWI. They advertise evening reception but are not having the evening reception. Also, management is stating that there is no direction from HQ about face masks. This is unacceptable and should be addressed immediately. You already lost my 4 month stay to Hilton for the same issue. If I don’t hear a response back, I will shorten my month stay to 3 days.


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