Lennar Corporate Headquarters Info, Contact Details, CEO Email and More

Lennar is a leading home building and real estate company in United States. The company headquarters can be located at Miami, Florida. The company’s major operations involve provision  and building of homes, real estate needs and related financial services like home mortgage of buyers. The company was founded in the year 1954 and its operations can be seen in around 19 states and a lot of market locations in US.

The company is listed at New York Stock Exchange under stock name LEN. If you are to but a house or commercial space, you can consider company’s services. The company is also listed on 154th position in Fortune 500 list of largest corporations on revenue basis. In this section, you can refer Lennar Corporate Headquarters Information, Contact Details, CEO Email, IR contacts and more. Let’s take a look at the details:

Lennar Corporate Headquarters

Lennar Corporate Headquarters Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Author Coolcaesar

Lennar Corporate Headquarters Address and Phone Number

You may send your mail or visit Lennar Corporate Headquarters. Here is the complete address of Lennar Corporate Headquarters Address: 700 Northwest 107th Avenue Miami, FL 33172, United States of America. If you are planning for visit we suggest you to call headquarters and take official appointment (this is our suggestion only).

If you are to call headquarters employees, please write down Lennar Corporate Headquarters Official Phone Line: 1-800-532-6993.

Lennar CEO Email Address

For getting in touch with CEO of the company Mr Stuart A. Miller for priority or urgent or for complaints not resolved properly at customer support level, you can share your concern on email. Please write your issues to CEO on his official Email Address: stuart.miller@lennar.com.

Lennar IR Contacts

For getting in touch with Lennar IR for investment related concerns or queries, you can contact Allison Bober, please note down Lennar IR Contacts Address: Allison Bober, 700 N.W. 107th Avenue, Miami, FL 33172.

You can also give a call at 305-559-4000 to speak to Lennar IR official or send your concern on fax, here is the fax number for Lennar IR: 305-229-6452. Also we are listing IR official Email address here, please note it down: Allison.Bober@lennar.com

To contact Lennar Transfer agent, you can send your queries regarding shareholdings by mail at their address: Computershare Investor Services, P.O Box 505000, Louisville, KY 40233.

You can also call Lennar Transfer agent services at their phone: 877-373-6374.

Lennar Media Contacts

To contact Lennar Media official, you can give a call to Vice President Communications, please note down the contact details: Danielle Tocco, Vice President Communications, Lennar Corporation, phone number: 949-789-1633.

Yo may also send your media request through email, please write down his email address: Danielle.Tocco@lennar.com

Lennar Board Contact and Ethics Hotline

To connect with Lennar Ethics Hotline, please dial 1-800-503-1534 or contact them at their address:  Lennar Corporation, 333 Research Ct., Norcross, GA  30092.

To connect with Lennar Board Contact, please write down the email address: feedback@lennar.com or contact them at their address: Lennar Corporation, 700 NW 107 Ave., Miami, FL  33172.

Article first published on October 30, 2020.

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7 Responses

  1. Sukh brar says:

    I need someone in corporate customer service..a phone number will work

  2. Jason VH says:

    Trust me, the sales and finance people are so adamant to NOT give anyone any access to their regional VPs or other forms of directly communicating any grievance to someone at corporate.

    I just purchased a Lennar home (total nightmare – never seen such a dysfunctional and cocky company) and am doing my fight as well.

    • BobbiGoldammer says:

      I agree, we have found chunks of cement. PVC pipe, material straps, NEVER fine graded, plus we were lied to by the person who did our walkthrough. In Bridgewater subdivision we are not the only ones.
      We may not have paid a million for our home, but we worked hard for 30 years in order to save enough money for a good down payment. To us this is our “million” dollar home. To bad Lennar doesn’t care enough to contact us about these issues☹️

    • Raymond says:

      Hello Jason,

      I can absolutely relate to your concerns about access to local management. It seems that the Director of Sales is not at all interested in responding to emails, not even those that are complimentary of fellow subordinate employees! Its also clear that this person has instructed other employees NOT to provide a contact phone number either. I guess buyer’s concerns and or compliments are of no consequence, at least not to this particular director of sales. This DOS has obviously forgotten about what type of responsibilities that job title consists of.


  3. Yo says:

    Very very very very very BAD customer service/warranty service at Lennar. Do not buy home from them. The quality of the home is no good. Had pipe issue and AC issue since bought. Never had it fixed. The local office is never pick up the phone and the website is just lead you to the local office. Such a nightmare.

  4. Stephanie says:

    I think your homes are trash we have had nothing but trouble trying to get any of our warrenty work done. We have cracked countertops one is from the dishwasher that has no blanket on it. The other is on our island. I still have a broken tile in my master bath on the wall that has not been fixed. We are losing our grass do to poor drainage and your incompetent people her in texas don’t want to fix crap. Your houses are crap. This is the biggest mistake we ever did was buying one of your homes.

  5. Mariane says:

    After we went to closing the house was damaged the sink just have whole bottom scratch some one had been doing that after final walk only people in the house is the painter the builder and the cleaning crews and the walk though agent . I f they do not take care of that we think for legal help.

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