Kylie Cosmetics Headquarters Address, Customer Service Email Address, CEO Email Address, and Corporate Office Information

Kylie Cosmetics is a popular cosmetics company. The company headquarters is located in California, United States. The company was incorporated in the year 2014 by famous media person Kylie Jennifer. You can purchase Kylie Cosmetics range online through its app or official shopping website.

The company originated with manufacturing of liquid lipsticks and lip liner palettes and was known with name Kylie Lip Kits, later it was renamed to Kylie Cosmetics and started its whole range of cosmetic and beauty products. In this section we have provided Kylie Cosmetics important contact details. You can find here Kylie Cosmetics Headquarters Address, Customer Service Email and more related Contact Info. So let’s get to the contact details section first.

Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics, Photo Credit: Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics Headquarters Address

Kylie Cosmetics, LLC has a good market share in US Cosmetics Markets. The headquarters of Kylie Cosmetics, LLC is based out of Oxnard. To get in touch with Kylie Cosmetics, LLC top management or founder, you can address your mails concerning them at Kylie Cosmetics Corporate Headquarters Address. Please note down the address details: Kylie Cosmetics, 1600 Westar Drive, Oxnard, CA 93033.

You may connect with Kylie Cosmetics top level executives or management at this address by mails or through official meets with prior appointment with the concerned person.

Customer Services Email Address

Have you recently purchased Kylie’s beauty range and facing any problem with your order? If yes, Kylie Cosmetics Customer Support team is there to solve your problems. You can contact Kylie Cosmetics Customer Service team through email. Please send your inquiries at Customer Service Inquiry Email Support: [email protected].

If you are contacting Kylie Cosmetics regarding your order, please mention your order number in your email for reference and easy tracking.


For updates about their latest stocks or offers, you can sign up to its Official App – Kylie Jenner App or Website. The app can be downloaded on iOS and Android phones. The company cosmetic range is available worldwide through online app. The company is acquired by Coty Inc. with 51 percent of controlling rights.

Let’s take a quick look at the valuation, so as per Forbes data, Kylie Cosmetics was valued at $900 million in the year 2019 and Coty Inc. acquired the company by buying its $600 million stakes.

Quick Contacts

Kylie Cosmetics Headquarters Address Kylie Cosmetics, 1600 Westar Drive, Oxnard, CA 93033.
Customer Services Email Address [email protected]

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