Kraft Heinz Headquarters Information, Contact Details, and Corporate Office Phone Number

Kraft Heinz Headquarters Information, Contact Details, and Corporate Office Phone Number details given here. The Kraft Heinz is a large American food company, headquartered in Chicago, IL, United States. The company is formed after the merger of Kraft Foods and Heinz. It is listed on NASDAQ with stock name KHC.

In this article, we have provided headquarters contact details of Kraft Heinz, including head office phone number, email address, and more. So, let’s see!

Kraft Heinz Headquarters
Kraft Heinz Headquarters

Kraft Heinz Corporate Headquarters Contact Details

The Kraft Heinz Company is large company after merger of two food giants. The company is co-headquartered in Chicago, IL and Pittsburgh PA. You can find their contact details below:

Pittsburgh PA Headquarters

  • Address: One PPG Place, Suite 3200, Pittsburgh PA 15222
  • Telephone Number: (412) 456-5700
  • Fax: (412) 456-6128

Chicago IL Headquarters

  • Address: 200 E Randolph St #7600, Chicago, IL 60601, United States

Kraft Heinz Press Contacts / Media Inquiries

If you are a person from press or popular media house, or a freelance journalist, please find important media inquiry contacts below:

  • Michael Mullen – SVP, Corporate & Government Affairs
  • Email Address:

The above mentioned email address is only for corporate press inquiries.

If you are looking for information related to brand-related press, please contact Lynne Galia who is the Head of Communications, U.S. Brands, email at

Accounts Payables Information

If you are looking for email address of Accounts Payable Information or its related queries, please email at

Shareholder Services Contact Information

The Kraft Heinz Company is one of the largest food processing companies in the US. They offers a Dividend Reinvestment Plan, and a Direct Stock Purchase through their transfer agent and registrar. To contact transfer agent, please their contact address, phone number and email ID below:

  • Mailing Address: EQ Shareowner Services, 1110 Centre Pointe Curve, Suite 101, MAC N9173-010, Mendota Heights, MN 55120
  • Phone: 1-855-598-5493 (in the U.S.), 1-651-450-4064 (Outside the U.S. or Canada)

Kraft Heinz IR Contacts / Investor Relations Contact Information

If you are looking for IR contacts email ID, please find here:

Report Fraudulent Email Phishing Scams

If you have received any email and looks alike phishing scam to you, please forward this email to the company. For this matter, their IT security team email address is

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Article first published on March 27, 2020.

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  1. I want more extra sharp cheese and I can’t find any in any of my stores . What is going on since there is a Kraft Company is down the road from where I live ??

  2. I understand that you might be able to help myself and family, a grant, donation, possible gift. I’m a US Army Veteran asking for help, my wife has been waiting for an operation for her entire arm, elbow, and wrist left side.
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    So again I’m asking for your help, yes I have gone to many organizations, etc.
    Thank you for your time in need, I see that many

  3. I am Very disappointed that such a large company, who makes so much money, supplying lots and lots of Kraft products, that So Many of Us Enjoy and Buy Alot of, Somehow thought we would appreciate that you decided to fill some of your products with much smaller amounts of things, yet not lower the price..! This to me makes me feel That I am being Ripped Off..!
    This type of condensing items in smaller packages and keeping the price the same, as if Nothing has actually happened, has been going on Too Long Already, without any repercussions to the Companies, for truely taking advantage of the consumer, While filling their pockets with large sums of money..!
    Not long ago, the packets of Cottage Cheese served with different flavors of fruit was a fair size. Then a few or more years ago, the fruit in these items got “just a little smaller” It was something I did not like, but delt with, Until Now…
    I got two packages of Cottage Cheese and Strawberries. I pulled one out of the refrigerator today, and Low and Behold, The strawberries served with the cottage cheese have magically gotten,
    “Even Smaller!”
    This is crazy!! There isn’t even enough to mix in with the cottage cheese. Its terrible..!
    From this point on, I Will Not be Purchasing Any of these items
    “At All..”
    I Really hope you see “How Wrong” this is to do to all of the people who have filled your companies pockets for So Long…
    What a way to pay us all back..

  4. Why is it impossible to find crystal light decaf ice tea in St. Louis. I have been to every grocery stop, dollar store, drug store in a 10 mile radius of my house at 63052. What is the issue?

  5. PLEASE, He!p me. Could you please make the Hidden Valley Ranchers Shakers again.
    Mine have gone missing!( I suspect my daughter.) I love ranch, but prefer to make it with the ranch powder myself.
    They use to be offered with occasionally, but haven’t seen them for a very long time.
    PLEASE bring them back. ๐Ÿ˜‹

  6. Looking for Jello cook and serve Vanilla Pudding. NO one has this in stock. Why? they have it in instant but you cannot make a pie with instant. They have it in sugar free but not the regular stuff. Please let me know where I can purchase it. I want to make a banana cream pie

  7. I want an explanation about the sicko clowns on your Bagel Bites commercial that makes reference to children and making them cry.

  8. I am looking for Jello tapioca. Website says itโ€™s sold in Walmart, Target and Publix. None of these places carry it. Amazon sells it ata ridiculous price. 4/$25. Thank you.

  9. My dad was Thomas M. France. How do I find out if there was any life insurance on him. Who would I call. He worked for general foods of Evansville In.

  10. Hello, In spite of the recent Insurrection at the Congress on Jan 6, I am asking Kraft Heinz to stop sponsoring Fox News. They perpetuated the lies of voter fraud and constantly repeat lies that made so many Americans so angry that they stormed the capitol building thinking the votes were stolen from their candidate. I will not buy any product from your company and will ask friends, family, and organization to boycott your products if your company continues to sponsor Fox News.
    Thank you.

  11. Donโ€™t understand why the past year no cool whip flavors came out
    The Oreo cookie and brownie and French vanilla are gone please come out with some new flavors they were so good ๐Ÿ™

  12. I have been trying to buy the WW smart ones Ham & cheese breakfast scrambles for at least 2 mos now & nobody has them anymore. I used to buy at least a case a month. Why can we not get these anymore. I have tried Walmart, Hyvee, Cub, Sams CLub & Target to no avail. I know you have other ones but dont like those as well.



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