HP Headquarters Address and Corporate Office Contact Information

The Hewlett-Packard or simply known as HP is a worldwide famous American information technology company, listed on NYSE. The company has total 66,000 number of employees in 2017 and its headquarters is located at Palo Alto, California, United States. HPQ is the stock name of this company. As of October 4, 2020, the stock price is US$19.09. The company has good market share in printing technology especially in developed countries. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, the hub of tech companies. As of 2017, the company has more than 66,000 employees worldwide.

The Hewlett-Packard was founded by Mohamed M Atalla, David Packard and Bill Hewlett in 1939 and later on became the leader in IT industry for printing technology. Epson, Samsung, Dell, Lenovo, and Acer are their good competitors in the United States.

HP Headquarters
HP Headquarters

HP Corporate Headquarters Address and Phone Number

They have good market share in the printer and related technology products. Please note down HP Headquarters Address: 1501 Page Mill Road Palo Alto, CA 94304, United States of America. You can share your concern with corporate headquarters. Please use this corporate headquarters address as mailing address to submit your letters.

Please also note down corporate office phone number 1-650-857-1501 for highest level telephone support. Please note that this phone number is only applicable for queries which are not solved at the highest level from customer support.

HP Investor Relations Contact

If you are an investor in HP, please try to contact at this email address investorrelations@hp.com. Please do not send any queries other than investor relations.

HP Media Contact

If you are from media house with news related queries or questions, please contact at michele.b.guthrie@hp.com email ID. For more details please visit Official Portal.

HP CEO Email Address

Are you actively looking for the email address of CEO? If yes, then please note down HP CEO Email ID enrique.lores@hp.com Please do not send unnecessary emails to the CEO. Please try to solve your matter with customer support.

HP Home Products Contacts

If you are looking for home products support, then please call on 800-565-9917 (Sales Specialist) for HP product specialist before you buy. To know order status or help with current order, kindly call on 800-407-4005 for care for existing order or order status.

HP Small or Medium Business Products

Only applicable to medium and small business products support contact number is 866-625-0242. for Sales Specialist please select option 2 then option 1.

HP Customer Support Numbers

The HP products and services for public sector contact number is 800-727-2472 for sales specialist. If you are looking for HP Indigo Expert, then please call on 1-877-215-3929. If you want to contact HP PageWide Industrial expert, then please call on 1-877-215-3929. To contact HP Latex Expert, kindly call on 1-877-215-8584.

HP and Government Affairs – Contacts Related to HP-Government Matters

You can contact Rachel Decker, HP through call on +1 202 637 6737 or email on rachel.ann.decker@hp.com. To contact HP Corporate Newsroom (U.S.), HP Press Hotline through phone on +1 866 266 7272 or email on pr@hp.com.

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Products List of HP

The company manufacture several hundreds products and offer tech services worldwide. Some of them are given below:

  • Network Print Servers, Black and white laser printers
  • HP Scitex Large Format Printers, Business ink printers
  • Digital Cameras, HP Software products
  • Scanners, Tablet computers, Pocket Computers
  • Business Desktops, Business notebooks
    and much more..

Article last re-published on October 4, 2020.

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13 thoughts on “HP Headquarters Address and Corporate Office Contact Information”

  1. Dear Sir/ Madam,
    I would like to complain about HP Ausria,but I do not know to whom should i write.
    Please let me know if you can help me.

  2. To: Whom it may concern
    Subject: Defective laptop fan

    Please be advised I IN March 2018 I bought an:
    HP Envy 360 convertible

    The fan died. I called customer service. They told me the laptop was out of warranty (which I knew already).
    All I wanted to do is buy a new fan and replace it myself, I have an extensive background in electronics.
    Fan PN: ***277-***
    The woman told me the policy of HP is they do not sell parts that are connected to the mother board,
    and it would cost $507 for Tech services to replace the fan. I can buy a new laptop cheaper than that.

    Can you please help me out and sell me the fan I need?

    Sgt. Edward R. Polstein

  3. Dear HP,

    I have been a loyal HP consumer for the past few years. However, I purchase an HP Pavilion desktop, with an extended 2 year warranty. Additionally, I use Bit Defender services.
    On December 15th I called HP support regarding an issue (Error Message “Unexpected Kernal Mode”), which could not be resolved after 5 hours of directed assistance with Satyaki, from HP support.
    It eventually was determined that I needed to PURCHASE a $100 Media Recovery Kit from HP, as this was NOT covered under the warranty.
    Reluctantly I purchased the kit, and it was promised to be delivered on the 18th of December. Well, today is the 21st of December and it still has not arrived. I called HP support and they had not even SENT the kit yet.
    I have a small business, and 2020 has been tough already. I have already lost 1 full week of income (my only income), and now they are sending it today, December 21, 2020. I am sure I will be losing another few days (or more) of my business income.
    Maybe HP has lost touch with it’s consumers / supporters!!

    Very disappointed!!

    I also have a small business, which I have had HP products. I purchased an HP

  4. Dear sir. On December 19th I purchased a MD1-FO134 DESKTOP From Best buy. It comes with a 128 Cig ssd drive. The spec sheet said it has 2 slots for another drive. I bought an extra 250 gig drive to ad to it. I opened it and found only one place so I called customer service. I talked to Edgar for a while and told him the problem. He said the specs says it has 2 lots and sometimes they are hidden sometimes under a coverer slot. I told him I would look again but was sure it only had one, so I asked him if there was recovery media for this computer. He said yes but it would cost me. I said it was not my fault that the computer only had one slot. I would have never bought the other drive if I would have know that. So I said thank you and hung up.3 days later Edgar from H>P customer service called. He asked me if I looked inside again and I said yes. There is only one slot. He asked if Best buy would take the drive back and I said no. Well Edgar said he talked it over with his supervisor and said he was authorised to send me the recovery media at no charge. This is the 4th Hp computer I have bought and the 5th printer. God bless you all for great service. Edgar and you customer service is great amd went beyond my expectations. Good job. Thanks for the help.

  5. Hi, I have an HP LaserJet M1212nf MFP which I purchased new about four years ago. I recently bought a new iMac, and the HP director is disabled in the new environment. I am able to print but can’t scan or use the HP director at all. I installed the most current drivers, I downloaded EasyStart and EasyAdmin, nothing has worked. I phoned customer support and was told that the only way to resolve the problem would be to pay for a technical support person to take control of my computer to resolve the issue for a fee of $19.99 plus $40 activation fee. I find this appalling and I have no intention of paying a cent for this service. This is clearly an HP software issue. I would really like for HP to take responsibility and resolve the issue without the charge

  6. BEWARE! I just bought a new HP 8035e printer and it is working as advertised. I was having a problem setting up the wireless and went to HP Support for help. The HP representative was unable to help me and sent me to a HP specialist(?) to resolve. The HP Specialist called turned out to be a SCAMMER and tried hacking into my computer .He turned off the firewall and went into the computer terminal using ZOHO-JOIN. Then he said your computer was full of infections and wanted me to go to another specialist? I immediately hung up, changed passwords and ran malware protection. This improper switching to a HACKER was directly done by your HP Support representative.

  7. Your Customer Service Department needs an overhaul! I was transferred six times, sent to a Supervisor and hung up on two times!
    I ordered HP Products for 15 years for the Federal Government and Today I wouldn’t buy a PERIOD from your Company!
    I simply ordered a 2 pack of black ink cartridges! I received what I thought were new cartridges, which turned out to be 3 year old cartridges that were bone DRY!
    Tried six times to get replacements only to be rudely Hung up on!
    This will go out to all my Federal Agencies contacts in Purchasing!
    Don’t know how you stay in business??

  8. My Mother worked for HP for almost 2 decades. She passed away February 8, 2020. My Brother and I were wondering if she had a Life Insurance Policy? Her name is Maryanne Santiago. She Loved the HP work Culture.

  9. Your customer service department is the pits!!! This is the WORST, (AND I MEAN “WORST”) customer service I have ever experienced with every call being routed to the Philippines and a wait time of at least 30-45 minutes for EVERY question that you ask. You DO need a total overhaul because you never get any satisfaction OR GOOD SERVICE. I WILL NEVER BUY, REFER OR RECOMMEND ANOTHER HP PRODUCT and I’m putting this company on notice to the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU AND CONSUMER PROTECTION AGENCY!!

  10. Hp lost touch with it customers totally. I bought a printer and was not able to connect to my computer. The virtual services do not allow yiu to respond it give you thing that are not reverently to the problem, then it guve you a support number which turn out to be a SCAM. I allow the scammer access to my computer thinking I had a true HP assistant on the line and that cost me over a 100.00 dollars but to the SCAMMER took valuable credit card information without me knowing. I thank God for the Holy Spirit, after the call a few hours later something told me to check my bank account and I will be darned like 10 purchases was made less than a few hours after the call and I did not use my card any today 4/14/2012. I will never by another HP anything

  11. It would seem that I am not the only person with HP problems. Two weeks ago I sent a letter to US HQ about a customer relations issue with HP UK, but it would appear that the lack of response to customers is HP company world wide. as I have been a loyal HP customer for over 10 years I would have hoped for better. Prod. No. 7GW03EA#A (one useless laptop) has been back to HP UK for repairs but is worse now than before. As of monday May 3 I am filing a claim in UK court and putting it on my facebook site I am doing this as I am an O.A.P. on a pension now with a useless laptop, I cannot use, even to put flowers in, and am £400.00 out of pocket, Shame on you HP or should it be hp

  12. Please stand behind your product.
    I purchased from Walmart an HP all in one desktop computer beginning of March 2021. After this computer did not work Walmart exchanged it and the same problem occurred. Then sent this computer to HP for repair. The computer still won’t work. Disappointed. Cant get my money back, stuck with nonfunctioning computer. Those of you who have all in one desktop are familiar with the sound of 3 loud beeps, and 5 high pitched beeps. This problem with all in one desktop computers have been going on since 2017. I got this info on line. Seems like I’m not the only one with this problem.
    My previous HP computer lasted for 13 years and I was very happy with my previous computer. What the heck happened to you HP. You were a terrific product that went to hell. This computer has a hardware problem from inception of the schematics for it. What a disappointment. Please help all the other people stuck with this computer model. You can tell by the beeps if you own one of these lemons.
    Thank you,
    Holly Savin

  13. I bought HP Printer 2620 from New Zealand. Since purchase, I have problems with printer and the HP decided to send me another printer.
    It is giving me problem again. My earlier printer HP Officejet Pro L7380 worked well for 6 years till the HP stopped manufacturing ink.

    I am asking you why do you make cheap printers although printers used be excellent quality. I am using HP computers and printers throughout my life and now I am 81 years old and your new printer is giving me sleepless nights because when I would like to print something important, it gets stuck.

    Please help me. Please reply and take action ASAP.


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