Hertz Headquarters Address


Hertz Corporate Headquarters Address

Here is the corporate headquarters address of Hertz, 8501 Williams Road, Estero, FL 33928. Hertz Corporation Phone, please call on 1-201-307-2000/239-301-7000.

How do I Contact Hertz Headquarters?

Do you want to send a message of feedback, suggestion, or anything else? Here is the corporate headquarters address of Hertz, 8501 Williams Road, Estero, FL 33928. A brief and clearly written received quick responses from the company. If you have a complaint, concern, or suggestion for the company, feel free to share it with the higher authorities by sending it in written form by mail. If the matter is urgent, you may get in touch with the authorities at Hertz Corporation over the phone, please call on 1-201-307-2000/239-301-7000.

Hertz Global Headquarters

Hertz Global Headquarters, Image Credit: Turner Construction Company

IR Contacts

Are you looking for investor relations contact information? If yes, you have arrived at the right place. We have obtained investor relations contact information from the official website only. Please note down the investor relations email address investorrelations@hertz.com.

For any quick talk or urgent IR matters, please call 239-301-6800 to talk with Hertz Investor Relations.

Transfer Agent Contacts

Computershare Trust Company is the transfer agent of the Hertz Corporation. For any transfer agent-related queries, please send your letter to their mailing address, Computershare Trust Company, N.A., P. O. Box 43078, Providence, RI 02940-3078.

For any important inquiries or urgent things related to the transfer agent, please call 781-575-4238, TDD (800) 952-9245. Please note down the transfer agent email address shareholder@computershare.com to share your concern or issue.

Customer Service Email (Feedback and Suggestion)

Do you want to send a message of feedback, suggestion or something else to the corporate headquarters of Hertz Corp.? Please use this link to fill out an application form to send your message. It is one of the best ways to approach the corporate office of the Hertz Corporation.

Please do not forget to share your feedback and review with us through comments.

CEO Email Address

Stephen Scherr is the present CEO of Hertz and can be reached for your concerns on his business email address sscherr@hertz.com. Don’t forget to get in touch with the customer support team of Hertz initially.

Quick Contacts

Hertz Headquarters Address8501 Williams Road, Estero, FL 33928
Phone Number1-201-307-2000/239-301-7000

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The Hertz Corporation or simply known as Hertz is an American car rental company based in the United States. It is headquartered in Bonita Springs, Florida, United States. The company was founded by Walter L. Jacobs and headed by the CEO Paul Stone in May 2020. The company is engaged in the business of rental cars, vans, and trucks. They offer rental services near you with a great selection and wide price ranges.


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1 Response

  1. Wen Ping Yang says:

    Dear Mr. Stephen Scherr,

    I hope this letter captures your utmost attention, as I am extremely dissatisfied with the series of issues I encountered recently while renting a car from your company on the island of Maui, Hawaii. I believe this goes beyond just an unpleasant experience; it tarnishes the reputation of HERTZ in my eyes. Please see attached email I sent to Hertz on Jun 11 and Aug 19, 2023.

    My rental took place from April 9th to 14th, 2023. During this time, I encountered a series of problems that left me highly dissatisfied. Firstly, on April 11th around 3 PM, while on the road, we discovered that one of the rental car’s tires was losing pressure. Attempts to inflate it failed, and even the spare tire had no air. I had to contact HERTZ customer service, only to be told that I needed to pay $79 to get the tire changed. This charge seemed unjust, so I decided to drive to the nearest HERTZ office to get the tire replaced.

    Unfortunately, the replacement car had an illuminated engine light, forcing me to request another vehicle. After a long wait and inconvenience, I finally got a trouble-free car at 9:30 PM. This entire process consumed valuable time, and I had to sleep hungry as restaurants were closed due to the vehicle problems. It also resulted in a wasted day’s accommodation fee and disrupted my travel plans for the following day.

    Upon returning to Toronto, I filed a complaint with HERTZ but received only a $50 rental certificate as compensation. I consider this insufficient to cover the inconvenience and losses I experienced. Moreover, I have not yet received the promised second $50 rental certificate. I have made multiple attempts to contact HERTZ customer service via email and phone but have received no response or resolution. Additionally, during phone calls, customer service did not provide information about the rental certificate, and in one instance, on August 18, 2023, when I attempted to speak with a customer service manager, I waited an unbelievable 3 hours and 29 minutes without being able to connect to the manager before the call was abruptly disconnected.

    I am deeply frustrated because HERTZ’s service and attitude have shown a severe lack of responsibility. Providing faulty vehicles to customers is not only irresponsible but also potentially hazardous, especially considering my situation, where I was planning to travel to areas with no mobile phone signal. Furthermore, HERTZ appears to be neglecting my complaint, which seriously damages my trust in the company.

    As a large corporation, HERTZ should prioritize maintaining its corporate image and customer satisfaction. I urge you to personally intervene in this matter to ensure that my complaint is addressed promptly and adequately. I expect HERTZ to provide fair compensation and take measures to improve its service to prevent similar issues in the future. I believe this will help restore my confidence and trust in HERTZ, making me consider using your services again.

    Thank you for your time, and I look forward to your support and resolution.

    Wen Ping Yang

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