HCA Healthcare Corporate Headquarters Address, Investor Relations, and More

HCA Healthcare is a world-famous American health care facilities company, headquartered in Nashville, TN, United States of America. The company is engaged in various health care-related services and products. It is lead by the CEO Samuel N. Hazen since January 2019. PatientKeeper, HCA International, Sarah Cannon Research, Grand Strand Regional Medical Centre, Healthtrust Purchasing Group LP, and Primary Health Physicians are some of the popular subsidiary companies of HCA Healthcare.

HCA Healthcare is listed on the world’s largest stock exchange NYSE with the stock name HCA. The company was founded by Thomas F Frist Sr., Thomas F. Frist Jr., and Jack C. Massey. It is one of the largest healthcare facilities in the US with offices in several states. Let’s see the important headquarters contact information of HCA Healthcare.

HCA Healthcare Headquarters

HCA Healthcare Headquarters

Corporate Headquarters Contacts

The company is headquartered in Nashville, TN, full headquarters address of HCA Healthcare is, One Park Plaza, Nashville, TN 37203. This corporate headquarters address can be used to send out any written communications.

Please call (615) 344-9551 to get in touch with the corporate headquarters of HCA Healthcare. Please only raise important issues and queries on this telephone line.

Ethics Line

If you have some information that needs to be shared with only the selected team only, please call the ethics line on 1-800-455-1996. This phone line applies to the ethics line only.

Investor Contacts

If you are an investor in the company, you can contact for your queries and problems through email at int.contact@hcahealthcare-ir.com. Please only share investor relations-related queries/questions.

The mailing address of investor contact is HCA Healthcare, Inc. Investor Relations, One Park Plaza, I-4W, Nashville, TN 37203.

Please note down the following contact information of HCA Healthcare Investor Relations:

Mark Kimbrough
Vice President Investor Relations
Phone: (615) 344-2688
Fax: (615) 344-2266
E-mail: Mark.Kimbrough@hcahealthcare.com

Paula D. Vaughn
Government and Investor Relations
Phone: (615) 344-2068
Fax: (615) 344-2266
E-mail: paula.vaughn@hcahealthcare.com

Media Relations/Press Contacts

For any media related queries/questions, please do get in touch with the Manager, Media Relations:

Harlow Sumerford
Manager Media Relations
Phone: (615) 344-1851
E-mail: Harlow.Sumerford@hcahealthcare.com

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Article last re-published on May 2, 2021.

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