Hallmark Channel Headquarters Contact Info, Email Format, and More

Hallmark Channel is a popular pay television cable channel headquartered in Studio City, California. The company is owned by Crown Media Holdings, Inc. Hallmark Channel is broadcast in allover United States. Approximately, Hallmark Channel is available in 73.4 percent of households in United States.

The channel supports two languages- English and Spanish. Are you searching for Hallmark Channel Headquarters Address? If yes, this section is an end to your search as along with headquarters address, you can also find other important contact info about Hallmark Channel. Here we have provided Hallmark Channel Advertising Contacts, General Inquiry Contacts and Email Format. So, let’s see!

Hallmark Channel Corporate Office

Hallmark Channel Corporate Office, Photo Credit: ACG Portraits and Photos

Corporate Headquarters Address

Hallmark Channel has a widespread presence in United States. To share your important matters, official document or opinions with top level executives of Hallmark Channel, you can use the given blow Corporate Headquarters Address. Please note down the details: 12700 Ventura Blvd Ste 200 Studio City, California, USA. The information provide here is derived fro a verified source and can be used without any hesitation.

General Inquiry Email and Phone

For general queries, feedback and information, you may get in touch with Hallmark Channel support team through email or phone. Please send your queries and concerns through email; here is the email address you can use: viewers@crownmedia.com.

You may also connect with the support team through phone. Please note down the General Inquiry Phone Number: 888-390-7474.

Advertising Contacts

Are you searching for Hallmark Channel Advertising Contacts? If yes, please refer the given contact information of Hallmark Channel Ad Sales Representatives:

For New York, these are the concerned officials:

  • Ed Georger (Executive Vice President, Ad Sales), phone: (212) 445-6660, email: edgeorger@crownmedia.com.
  • Amy Jo Wayne (Senior Vice President, National Ad Sales), phone: (212) 445-666, email: amywayne@crownmedia.com.
  • Stephanie Versichelli (Senior Vice President, Eastern Ad Sales), phone: (212) 445-6630, email: stephanieversichelli@crownmedia.com.
  • Casey Gould (VP, Advertising and Digital Sales), phone: 212-445-6681, email: caseygould@crownmedia.com.
  • Katie Medinger (Vice President, Eastern Ad Sales), phone: (212) 445-6674, email: katiemedinger@crownmedia.com.
  • Amber Landry (Vice President, Direct Response), phone: (212) 445-6685, email: amberlandry@crownmedia.com.

and more…

  • For Los Angeles, please contact Cheryl Grimley (Senior Vice President, Western Ad Sales) on phone: (818) 755-2693 or through email: cherylgrimley@crownmedia.com.
  • For Chicago, please connect with Chris Ward (Senior Vice President, Midwest Ad Sales) on phone: (312) 819-2901 or through email: chrisward@crownmedia.com.
  • For Atlanta, please connect with Jodi Harvey ( Director, Southeast Ad Sales) on phone: (404) 205-8427 or through email: jodiharvey@crownmedia.com.

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Hallmark Channel Email Format | hallmarkchannel.com Emails

In this section, you can find important email formats used by Hallmark Channel. Please refer the details here:

first last pameladoe@hallmarkchannel.com 66.0%
first_initial last pdoe@hallmarkchannel.com 20.6%
first ‘.’ last pamela.doe@hallmarkchannel.com 9.3%
last doe@hallmarkchannel.com 4.1%
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