Ford Motor Company Headquarters Address and Contact Information Details

Ford Motor Company is a world famous and one of the oldest car manufacturing companies in the United States. The company was founded in 1903 and headquartered at Detroit Suburb. The company is listed on NYSE with stock name F. As of October 4, 2020, the stock price of F is US$6.89. The company was founded by Henry Ford, one of the pioneer in car manufacturing at the time.

Since today, they have manufactured popular car models, such as Ford LTD, Ford Explorer, Ford Taurus, Ford Transit, Ford Mustang, Ford Focus, Ford Fiesta, Ford Model T, Ford Escort, and Ford F-Series trucks. Let’s see headquarters information of Ford Motor Company.

Ford Headquarters
Ford Headquarters

Ford Motor Company Corporate Headquarters Information

The corporate headquarters of Ford Motors is located at Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, MI 48126. If you want to send a letter to Ford Motors, then use this corporate headquarters address of Ford Motor Company: 1 American Road Dearborn, MI 48126 United States. Please take prior appointment if you are planning to visit corporate headquarters.

If you are planning to send your query through the mail, please use Ford Motor Company Mailing Address: Ford Motor Company, Customer Relationship Center, P.O. Box 6248, Dearborn, MI 48126, USA.

To talk with corporate headquarters staff on telephone for general inquiries, please dial 1-313-322-3000.

Ford Motor CEO / Executive Chairman Email Address

To get in touch with the Chief Executive Officer or Executive Chairman of Ford Motor, you can use his personal email address. As of now, we do not have information about CEO email. However, you can note down Executive Chairman Email Address

Ford Motor Company Employment Verification

For current and former employees verification, please call on +1-800-367-5690. For more details, please visit official web portal.

Ford Media Center Contacts

If you are looking for media contact, then please contact through this email address.

Ford Motor Company Shareholder Services and Investor Relations Contacts

If you want to contact computershare service, the call on (800) 279-1237 for U.S. and Canada. For International contact, please call on (781) 575-2732. You can also send an email to shareholder service through this email address.

If you are looking for investor services mailing address, then it is Computershare Investor Services, P.O. Box 30170, College Station, TX 77842. If you want to do overnight courier, then use Computershare Investor Services, 211 Quality Circle, Suite 210, College Station, TX 77845 this address.

The Computershare Investor Services email address is The contact number of investor relations for outside the U.S. and Canada is +1-800-555-5259 and within the U.S. and Canada is +1-313-845-8540.

Ford Motor Company Customer Support Numbers / Phone Numbers

The customer support number of Ford United States phone number is +1-800-392-3673. For the hearing-or speech-impaired, please contact the telecommunications relay service by dialing 711. Ford Canada customer service number is +1-800-565-3673.

The Lincoln United States customer support phone number is +1-800-521-4140. For the hearing-or speech-impaired, Please contact the telecommunications relay service by dialling 711. The Lincoln Canada customer support phone number is +1-800-387-9333, and +1-800-232-5952 (TDD for the Hearing Impaired).

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Article last re-published on October 4, 2020.

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28 thoughts on “Ford Motor Company Headquarters Address and Contact Information Details”

  1. Hello my dad bought a ford 150 from gold circle ford in Jackson Tennessee . They told him they would give him a second key to the truck and they now are saying they will not do that. My dad has always bought fords and he is a Vietnam vet he now has a bad taste in his mouth about Ford because of the way they are treating him. If this is the way your ford dealerships treat veterans then ford should be ashamed of themselves. I would like to get this resolved and get him a second key somehow. His name is Lowell crabtree and the vin number is , his number is , if you would like to talk to him . Dustin is the sales guy that lied to him at the dealer ship. Thank you for the help

    • Folks excuse me for a moment but let me say Courtesy Ford in Conyers doesn’t care about customers. They don’t back their automobiles. They treat you like trash and I believe it’s time to let the news know. They have had our brand new car three times for same issue and now have had it sitting in their lot not touched for a month. The Ford Headquarters is a joke. I’m am so fed up with their lies, unconcern and lack of professionalism. The owner doesn’t care, the service dept doesn’t care. I’m at the point of letting it get repoed. Lemon Law that’s a joke also we have been dealing with Rudy Comeaux from headquarters and no he doesn’t care either. Beware of them. Pray for us as they have pushed and lied and still nothing. Courtesy Ford, Ford Motor Company. So disappointed in Ford

      • I feel you, I’m still waiting on 2 recalls to be honored.. on my 2010 Ford Fusion ..power steering failure recalled 5/27/15 and hydraulic control stuck open recalled in 2019.. and this is a hard task when one has breast cancer and in chemo… heartless company

  2. Good Morning Customer Relation, I had a bad experience with a Ford Dealership located in Jacksonville Fl address 9650 Atlantic Blvd. The General Manager by the name Frank Brothers promised to refund my money by mailing out the check. He advised me that the check should be at my home a week ago. This man is power struck and he likes to talk to me as if I am his employee. He has insinuated that I was lying about opting out of a survey and constantly lie about refunding my money. I have been with Ford for over 20 years (check your records) and the people in charge are really making Ford look bad. Frank Brothers is a liar and should not be representing Ford at all. His team is rude and I see that they get it from their Leader. I would hope that someone that can help me get my money back read this email. If not, you have lost a great customer.

  3. Hello,

    I am not sure how to proceed with my Ford vehicle issue. I own a 2017 Ford escape, only 30,000 miles on it. The past month an a half my car has been in and out of the ford service three times (for the fourth time counting tonight). My car has been stalling out, making a thud noise and basically shutting off. The check engine light keeps coming on. The first time, Ford said it was the camshaft sensor. They replaced this and then 3 days later I was having the same issues, I didnt even make it down the street before the car shut off in the middle of the road. So I took it back for the second time, they said this time they replaced the camshaft pigtail. Then three weeks later the same issue occurred so I brought it back to Ford, they were bringing in a Ford engineer since they were not able to resolve the issue. I was told they concluded it was the alternator and this would not be covered under warranty, I paid $830 for this to be fixed. I picked up my car, right as I pulled off their lot I felt a thud. It was a wintery mix outside so I thought I was just being paranoid and that this was all in my head. Well it did it again and again as I got on the highway. Getting much worse and wouldn’t accelerate. It kept stalling out and then all of a sudden my check engine light came on and the car shut off as u was pulling over to the emergency lane. Needless to say my car is once again back at Ford getting looked at for the fourth time.

    I absolutely do not feel safe or comfortable in this vehicle. I have been told three times this problem has been fixed and now I am even paying for their false diagnosis. I am really curious to see what they think the issue is now. Regardless I am not comfortable driving this car anymore. I will be trying to sell it right away. I have a one year old baby and I cant imagine driving him around in a vehicle that is unreliable and possibly dangerous.

    I wanted to reach out to someone in the corporate office to see if this issue has occurred and if there is any advice to be given. I definitely do not want to be paying for parts because that is was Ford is saying the issue is then it isn’t! With 30k miles I ca3nt believe I am having these kinds of issues. I bought a brand new car so this wouldn’t happen. And now I am paying for parts qhen my car is practically brand new.

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    • Try emissions parts like CANISTER PURGE VALVE And go on NHTS SITE..NATIONAL HIGHWAY TRAFFIC SAFETY SITE. Theres hundreds of complaints on there plus you can file a complaint. Goodluck…I also in your shoes and very upset because im a single disabled mother on low income. SHAME ON FORD.

    • Hi Betsy. My name is Angie Keene. We just bought a 2019 Ford Escape with only 10,000 miles on it and not even a week later had the same problems as you plus my power steering went out in the middle of driving it. The place who sold it to us that lied about everything when we went and looked at vehicles told us if we wanted it fixed under our warranty we needed to get it there which was 30 min away. I told them I did not feel comfortable driving it on the highway with the power steering going out and having my 9 year old child in the vehicle with us and they said if we wanted it fixed we needed to get it there somehow. They did not care one bit. They have had the vehicle for 2 months now because they say the part needed is on back order and they cannot find one anywhere. They have not called us or kept us updated or anything at all. We had to call them just to find out what was wrong with it. The salesman when I asked him how much the vehicle was told us they either go by price or the payment we want to make each month which we had said no more than 250 a month. After asking for the price 2 more times he says 14000 and he only wanted to show us this vehicle. Well we left the building paying 22000 for the vehicle with a payment of 329 a month. We told him before looking 10000 to 15000 on price and payment of 200 or less. They told us they were going to give us gap insurance on the car for free and we were charged 1500 for it. See they asked me to sit and talk to them while they took my fiance back by himself to sign papers because they seen he was new at this and had never done it before and did not want me in there with him to catch on to them screwing us over until after the papers were signed. They even charged him to run his credit report and those are free. The guy who sold it to us has not helped us out with any of this at all and the manager gets pissed when I call and gets shitty with me because I have not been very nice after all this. We now have made our first payment while the vehicle sits outside the dealership. My question is did you ever get a response or help from Ford about your problem? I’m just wondering if they are a good company and care about their customers because this dealership selling their vehicles do not.

  4. Hello
    Exploding sunroof

    I purchased a 2020 Ford F-350 platinum, 11/21/2020. This truck has been at the dealership four of the twelve days I have owned it. It had 250 miles when I purchased the truck due to a dealer transfer, the truck now has 853 miles. I have not washed this truck since I have owned it. On the evening of 11/30/2020 I was driving about 50 mph when I heard a loud gun shot in the cab of the truck, I was traveling down a country road by myself with no other traffic within a 1/4 mile of me. When I pulled over to inspect what happened I heard a crackling noise coming from the top of the truck. The rear panoramic sunroof exploded. I immediately called the dealership and headed that way. During the 20 min travel, this sunroof cracked and pooped the duration of the trip. Dropping tiny slivers of glass all over the back seat. I talked with my local dealership and they placed a call to your warranty department. The dealership explained to me that Ford was not going to cover anything to fix the defective part of the vehicle. I so confused by the way this has been taken care of, this was not my fault in anyway. The sunroof has not even been opened due to temperatures in my area. The location Ford dealership body shop manager, said this could cost upward of 2k to replace. When I asked what it would take to do this, he explained they would have to take out the headliner to replace the sunroof. He explained that it could take about 2 weeks to get the parts in, this truck is not drivable in any form of the word. This truck has been driven a total of 603 miles since the purchase. I feel that this needs to be taken care of by Ford. If I would have known that I would have to pay an addition 2k on top of the 80k 13 days after the purchase, I would have not purchased this vehicle. I hope that this can be taken care of.

  5. Quite frankly I’m a repeat offender. I just purchased my 6th Vehicle from Asheboro Ford. In doing so I decided I must contact Corporate for my gratitude of their sales and service departments. The Outstanding owner has a team of members who will put you in the Vehicle you want for a Comfortable payment. There is a standout in the Owner’s group of employees. Mr. Lawrence Phillips is magically OUTSTANDING. I believe the owner is aware but I want to make sure. Mr. Phillips knows every single detail about every single car on the lot. A sale starts with a salesman. His approach on the phone, in person and during the sale is frankly your bread a butter. I’m an old lady. I served my country in the US Army Signal Corp. and it was my honor to do so. Lawrence treats me and every person I’ve witnessed him come in contact with like royalty. His attention to detail is frankly amazing. I’ve not intentionally tried to test his skills. That would be rude and my Grandma would pop the back of my head from heaven. I’d hate to not see him at my Dealership when I come in for oil changes but yet I would love to be told he had been rewarded for his unwavering efforts. He’d make a fine instructor on how to sell a Ford. Now he and I only interact at my Ford dealership. He’s not a relative of mine. Nor is he a friend. Anyone would be blessed if he were any of those. Lawrence Phillips does what he does because he loves his job. I’m sending this Corporate note to honor him for doing just that. We should all be more like Lawrence. The good Lord would love that.

  6. Oil like to forward a personal sketching of a car I wish ford could produce.Hoping the company will like this sketching.I love ford products a lot.I drive a Ford Windstar for now.Thanks.

  7. I,all like ford motors to produce this sketching I did for the organisation.I love ford products and even drive a ford Windstar presently.Hoping the organisation likes this sketching and build the sketch type.Thanks

  8. After spending $6000 on our 2003 ford f250 and being promised it was in “safe and great running condition” we had to return it 2 times in two days and today we’re told for another $4000….it will really be fixed this time. Not going to happen. This ford dealership is a scam to get all the consumers money. We will seek legal help on this scam!!!! Beware.

  9. My Dad and Father in law, who fought in World War ll we’re always Ford Folks. My wife and I have always had Fords, used ones when we were younger and new ones as we aged. I was so proud of Ford when thay turned down the government bailout. When the politicians tried to shame the U.S. manufactures for coming to their blowviating hearings in Washington in private company jets. One of your competitors were bailed out twice and another once that I know of. Not Ford no not Ford. I am so sad to hear Ford, who has always given money to both parties has now turned their back on conservative views and the best President I have ever seen! It feels like we and 70 million others have lost something very dear. Please reconsider so sad!

    • You are expressing the very same feelings I have about these same issues with Ford. I am to the point now after being ignored after calling their headquarters and having them hang up on me to selling my Ford F-150 and my Lincoln MKZ and never buying another Ford product.

  10. My husband and I have owned two (2) Ford Escorts, a 1986 Club Wagon 150 Van, and a 1995 Explorer Ltd, all amazing vehicles and for many years my father only owned Fords. We no longer own Fords. We are dismayed that you are advertising a Ford Bronco Sport and have put this vehicle back on the market. It is criminal of the Ford Corporation to bring back the Bronco due to its demise by the the criminal O.J. Simpson.
    Shame on your company for spitting in the face of Nicole Brown’s family and Ronald Goldman’s family. You are causing undeserved grief to these victims at the hands of O.J. Simpson and I feel that you owe it to O. J. to reinact his diabolical Bronco chase and use him in your commercials. The Bronco is a cursed autombile and your executives are imbeciles, idiot savants, and should be FIRED! Pat Farrar/Vashon Island, WA.

  11. As a Ford Customer I have had a bad experience at the service center. Although Ford was good once upon a time their service and process has become poor . I think the new generation of Elite regional Managers only depend on reports and are not concerned what’s happening at the ground level. Even the processes has lapsed. I don’t know what’s happening in such a big organisations which has been number one . Could I get an update since I not only own a Ford but also I have been in the Automobile industry for more than 20 years. Could some body update me ? Or should I take it as Ford is is not bothered about it’s customers and only interested in big numbers and fancy reports.

  12. I traded my 2016 Ford Focus in April I was looking at the eco sport and the escape the selling point was the Ford app which I was told I could start from anywhere,when I’m on holidays,if the car is sitting idol I could start it,pretty cool right, but it doesnt start if it’s been idol for more that 24hrs which leads me to the car starter, the distance on the remote car starter is where I have to be right in front of the vehicle to start it which in our cold temperatures is absolutely ridiculous and they tell me it would cost over 200$ to add an antenna to get more distance but it wasn’t a guarantee I chose the eco sport but a few weeks into driving it the backup camera popped up when I was at a full stop and I could see the vehicles behind me and when I drove off the screen went blank it did this 3 times I had to turn of the vehicle completely off for a few minutes and restart now come to find there is no warning light saying my washer fluid is low and the block heater cord does not come out of the car so I have to go and buy a mini extension cord to attach to the cord so I don’t have to lift the hood all the time to plug in I love how safe I feel amd the space in the car but all this stuff popping up is turning me off from Ford

  13. I the owner 2019 F 350 super duty diesel yesterday around 1:45 pm after work on the highway at about 65 miles per hour, I hit a rough patch on the road and the truck started shaking violently. The shaking was so violent I thought the front wheels would tear off and I would be involved in a catastrophic accident. I feel very lucky I didn’t lose complete control of the truck and be involved in a multi-vehicle accident endangering myself and others. I slowed down and pulled over and the shaking stopped. It happened again a few minutes later. This was/is an extremely dangerous situation.

  14. You could rev olutionize the car market by a patents applied for invention of Myself.

    Just have the car of 2 or even 3 and that at one time they join, Join being side by side & that at a second time, the 2 or 3. change back to single cars.

    Then their are many veryations.

    But being able to have a car for such as just one or more and at one time and then double the number at a second time.. Please consider and if at all interested contact Me. Thank You P.S the all electric car makes the invention not only possible but a major step.

    • I bought a brand new 2018 Ford escape from your dealership from City world Ford
      And yet, 3 months after I had the car it started shutting off. Now I had explained that my job required me to have a car, and I was working in the Bear mountain area at night where I could not afford to have a car shutting down on me.
      Long story short, you refuse to fix the car in a timely manner (more than 3 months) where I lost my job and which created a credit issue, Your public relations department didn’t even have the decency to return my calls to write me letter a explaining the situation where I could submit it to the credit bureau to get my credit score up so that I can buy another car. I saw an interview with your CEO Jim Farley acting all giddy about making electric cars, hell you can’t even get the gas ones that you make now right let alone something more complicated as an electric car. The fact of the matter is,you don’t stand behind your product that you brag so boldly about,and like most large corporations, your only interested in profit at the consumers expense.

  15. Hoffman Ford in East Hartford CT is the worst. We were told that our 2003 F250 Super Duty could be repaired for about $2500 so we went there and a few days later….the amount was up to $5963.22 for the repairs. After careful consideration we decided to get the truck fixed. Well BAD MOVE ON OUR PART. We delivered our truck on Dec 26, 2020 and as of today, March 10, 2021 we are STILL waiting on it! They told us to come get the “repaired” truck 5 times already and we have had to return it EVERYTIME…5 times…and STILL our truck is at Hoffman BROKEN. Things that worked when we delivered it to HOFFMAN have somehow become BROKEN NOW!! Apparently during it’s stay at Hoffman’s things were overlooked, disconnected and not repaired correctly so the truck remains to date. We paid our invoice in FULL only to get scammed as our truck is still broken. Hoffman had to fix some things at their own expense due to their own incompetence but we are still out our truck and have been for almost 3 months now. This last time we went to bring it home, Monday, the a/c was broken, the engine was pouring out antifreeze all over our driveway and the truck was no where near fixed as promised. THEY FIXED ONE ISSUE SUPPOSEDLY and BROKE OTHER THINGS ON THE TRUCK. Still waiting to hear from Jason the “manager” as I left voicemails but to this day, my phone is silent. Seth the assistant manager, told me he would have Jason call but once again…all talk no action. Stay away from HOFFMAN FORD IN EAST HARTFORD. They are only out for your money and don’t know how to repair your vehicle. They will take your cash and give you grief in return. SCAMMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Hello,
    On 8th Dec 2020. My car Ford Mustang Eco Premium was towed to the Dealership showroom for overheating. I had given the approval to fix the issue ( written). The result was suppose to be fixed reported within 3 days max as promised.
    On 28th Dec 2020 frustrated after all my calls were ignored and no response for any of my messages (everyday) I went to pick my car which they had not fixed yet and were not able to tell me the reason of overheating. I was charged 332$ just to park my car. I had to fix my car with a local person for 150$.
    In these 3+ weeks more than 1500$ was spent on Uber. My request for loan car was ignored. In fact my number they were not answering and later it was blocked.
    The Dealer later contacts me and offers me a deal for my refund of only 100$ (one hundred dollar only) if I will write all positive reviews about their dealership online survey.
    I have each and every message send to the Dealer and Ford USA requesting and pleading for a loan car till my car was not fixed and updates for my car.
    Only 1 reply every time I messaged them.
    Our team will get in contact with you.
    Trust Respect and Commitments is the key of success which FORD needs to develop.

    To gain Trust is easy.
    To break Trust is more easier.
    A successful Person and A Successful Company knows how to maintain it.

    Dealer – 5 Star Ford, Stone Mountain, Tucker, GA, USA.

  17. Bought a new 2021 Ford Explorer in mid-January. Hit a deer two weeks later which damaged all the front bumper electronics. The car has been in a body shop the Ford dealer recommended ever since (over seven weeks ago). THERE ARE NO FORD PARTS AVAILABLE on Ford will not give me ANY information when parts might come in to fix my car. I’ve got a “case #” from Ford and a representative I’ve exchanged emails with once, she now ignores any communication from me. I’ve talked to corporate and they say I’m on her call sheet for that day, two weeks later…no calls or emails.

    I will be returning the vehicle to Ford. Under my state’s Lemon Law, Ford has failed to fix my vehicle in a timely manner and failed to communicate to a loyal customer (this is my fourth and last Ford vehicle). What really ticks me off is they are blaming this on COVID, when their body shop tells me, GM and Chrysler have no such issues. To top it off Ford refuses to pay my rental car! Fortunately they have allowed me to stop paying for the vehicle, after I explained I wouldn’t send a payment.

    • My 2020 Explorer has been in the shop since feb 3rd (I put 2,400 miles on it)with transmission issues. The parts are now delayed until the end of March. I opened a claim and have been jacked around so many times. I have had 2 agents and the last one closed my case which should still be open. I had to demand a supervisor. I am currently waiting for them to contact me back to file my buyback. In IL you have to go through ford first. If no call they’ll be dealing with an attorney. The dealer has had my car longer than I have owned it.

  18. Completely dissatisfied with Ford, this will be my last Ford for me & my Family!!! 2008 Ford Focus SEL Hatchback. This car has been serviced at Ford multiple times and Ford is well aware of the DSM6 DUAL Clutch issues.I have NEVER been provided with warranty information until now after it is out of warranty and they want $3,200 to fix their faulty dual clutch!!!!

  19. Hi I’ve been a ford person since the day I was born and I drive a 03 ford f150 4.2l v6 sport and love the sound and power of the engine sounds the same with 244k miles and was wondering since you redid the 7.3l v8 which sounds amazing, could possibly bring back the 4.2l v6? And add a turbo or 2?

  20. Bought a 2013 f150 in 2017, started receiving recall notices for sudden transmission downshift in 2019, never had a problem, so i took it in anyway 2-22-2021. Said they fixed it, next morning pull out of driveway, boom, truck downshifts into 1 gear and is stuck in 1st gear. Had to shut truck off and restart to reset it. Few days later on hiway running about 65 it downshifts into 5th gear after loud noise just before downshifting. In 2 days it happened 4 times, the worst was when my wife and pregnant daughter was with me. Truck downshifted into 1st gear at 45 mph, we lunged forward. Not cool, so took it it back to dealership, determined that the computer modulater that controls the transmission shifting is on backorder till april 28. I did get a loaner car, no truck. I habe been a chevrolet man all my life, had a silverado so full of “gremlins” that i sold it and bought a ford. Will be my last ford for sure. All this high tech “shit” put on vehicles is just that,shit! Guess that dodge ram looking better and better. Tundros just plain ugly now chevrolets too.


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