Dollar Tree Corporate Headquarters Info, Contact Details, and CEO Email

Dollar Tree is a famous discount store company, headquartered in Chesapeake, Virginia, United States of America. You can buy products at the cheapest rates, as low as only $1 or even less. The company is listed on NASDAQ and included in the Fortune 500 companies list. They have large number of stores in the US, probably 15,115 in the US and Canada.

In this article, we have provided headquarters contact details of Dollar Tree including corporate office phone number, CEO email address, email address format, and much more. So, let’s see!

Dollar Tree Headquarters
Dollar Tree Headquarters

Dollar Tree Corporate Headquarters Address and Info

If you are looking for corporate headquarters address of Dollar Tree Inc., you are arrived at the right place. Please note down Dollar Tree Headquarters Address: 500 Volvo Parkway Chesapeake, VA 23320 United States of America. You can visit top level executives with prior appointment. Please send your query to their mailing address.

Please also note down corporate office phone number 1-757-321-5000 to talk with headquarters staff. Please dial this phone number during working hours only!

Dollar Tree Order Phone Number

Do you want to order by phone? and looking for their order contact number? If yes, then please note down Dollar Tree Order Phone Number: 1-877-530-TREE.

How to Contact Board Member

To contact any board of director (board member), please send your email to Corporate Secretary:

If you are planning to send a letter to one of the board members of Dollar Tree, please address your letter to the Corporate Secretary, address is mentioned here: Corporate Secretary, Dollar Tree, Inc., 500 Volvo Parkway, Chesapeake, VA 23320, United States of America.

How do I email the Dollar Tree CEO?

If your query requires higher ranking executive attention, then please note down Dollar Tree CEO Email Address: Please make your query as short as possible to get quick response. If possible, please include scanned copies of required docs (our suggestion only).

Dollar Tree Transfer Agent Contact Info

If you are looking for share transfer agent information, you are arrived at the right place. Please note down share transfer agent contact address: Computershare, 462 South 4th St., Suite 1600, Louisville, KY 40202, United States of America.

Please also note down mailing address of transfer agent: Computershare, PO Box 505000, Louisville, KY 40233-5000, United States of America.

You can also get in touch with transfer agent office staff on these numbers: +1 (781) 575-2879 (Phone Number) and (800) 622-6757 (Toll Free Number).

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Social Media Accounts and Pages

Do you want to follow Dollar Tree on social media platforms and websites? Please note down their social media profile URLs: Twitter Handle, Instagram Profile, and YouTube channel. Out of these social media profile links, only Twitter handle / account is verified with tick-mark.

Article Title: Dollar Tree Corporate Headquarters Info, Contact Details, and CEO Email
Article first published on August 21, 2020.

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  1. I need to buy or open dollar tree store in las vegas
    WhT should i do and how much the investment that i should pay in order to buy a franchise or to open a store in vegas area
    Ilive in north las vegas and willing to open abusness
    Kindly advise


      • lol, this isnt corporate themselves. This is a website. You need to call. and possibly speak in complete sentences?

  2. I am a former employee of Dollar Tree in Cedar Park Texas Whitestone Rd. Texas I must say that the Mgr Nathan and Asst Mgr Stella are not following rules when it comes to running the store.
    1, They are coming in at 4 am to take in the Truck Delivery/Christmas Candy in the stock room never made it to the floor! Buying products from the Truck Driver like Chips Ahoy cookies the big packs!!! That we don’t stock.
    2. Between October and mid-December they were not making 2 deposits, leaving all money to be deposited at night.
    3.knowing staff was short. Meaning only one person running the store at night.
    4. Seals are not being put on the back door or loading dock door. I started in October they have yet to put the seals on.
    5 Bathrooms not being cleaned.
    8. I complained no Federal Taxes were being taken from my pay. His Nathans’s response You didn’t make enough to cause you a problem.!!!!
    But he is the manager of a medium Dollar Tree Store. Of course, I QUIT and pray I have no problem with IRS at tax time and if I do I will be writing you again.

    • I live in a small town, no stores. We are getting a Dg. But I really believe dt could make a goal here Marion md or Crisfield md we need something for our people can shop local

    • I’m having a problem with cashier at dollar tree store at 3544 university blvd jacksonville Florida 32207. He takes my cash and throws my change on counter, he’s very rude. Black man late thirties or early forties. Never noticed him doing that to a black person

    • That sounds a lot like what’s going at a lot of dollar trees it is horrible Until they start listening to the employees I believe Dollar Tree is not gonna be around much longer for one they have horrible health care in low pay nobody wants to work and they will not work for this they have to do better or they will go out of business

  3. I have yet to receive my paycheck 5 days later this is the second time that you have paid me late there are no contacts for anybody in the company nobody responds to my prior bosses email. It is illegal to not have somebody’s payroll available to them the day of their pay date.

    • I hear you they took my overtime from me an said that if they didn’t that WE would get in trouble no it’s against the law to take a person’s hours a now that I have told higher up they or doing everything to make me leave. They did wrong an nothing happened to them . I’m thinking it is time to speak to a lawyer

  4. Your stores in Springfield, Ohio are and have been very poorly stocked. Yes, the pandemic may influence your ability to maintain adequate stock, however, Dollar General and Family Dollar are maintaining fairly normal inventories. I have less respect for Dollar Tree now than ever and consequently, I and others I know will be shopping there less because far too often, the store has had NOTHING we sought! The East Main Street store has a problem with duplicate charges. Dollar Tree requires you to contact headquarters, however, the response from headquarters is either tardy or not at all. This is another reason you give me to not shop at your stores. What happened? Quite honestly managers from the store up the line, must be on a long, long vacation or work stop posture! PLEASE PROVE ME WRONG AND GET WITH IT so that the Springfield, Ohio Dollar Tree Stores can return to normalcy! The alternative option would be to close them!

  5. Since I just left a post on nearby’s website regarding Dollar tree on 41st avenue in capitola, California, I thought I ‘d let you know how, je ne said quois, rude manager Tanya was to me. I had called first, for health reasons, make sure you had the product I need. Tanya said she had it. I dragged myself out of your store without what I needed because you didn’t, as in, did not, have the all purpose caulk I had called about. Tanya then became incredibly rude, turning the fault, her misrepresentation, not even of fact, because she didn’t have the caulk, after saying she did . . .

  6. Of course she didn’t offer to “do anything for me” which is one thing, but to be appalled, yes, appalled, at my asking, and then, and then, and then .
    All I can say is that with the epidemic added to my other excessive burdens, maybe you will “do something” make it right. At this point I am not sure I care. I don’t check my email. Kim Glasgow

  7. My daughter worked at Dollar tree in Virginia Beach. She contacted COVID. She did get paid for several weeks. Has not heard from HR or store manager in weeks. Has not been paid the additional 2 weeks she was told to take off because of positive second COVID test. I am urging her to get legal help.

  8. I have called the number I was given twice to get a refund. My debit card was charged twice for the same transaction. The total was $63.43 and the date I was in the store is 1/3/2021. Store number is 1995 in Wichita Ks. I would appreciate somebody to get back with me ASAP.

  9. Dollar Tree Store #471
    2636 Bragg Blvd
    Fayetteville, NC 20303

    On Jan 9, 2021
    I fell in one of your store I Bruised my right knee very bad and i Bruised the Left lower leg very bad.
    I have to wear a leg brace on my right leg.

    I contacted the store today 1/17/21
    I spoke to someone and they said they have to get the manager and the next thing i know the phone was hang up
    11:48 am
    12:00 pm
    both times the phone was hang up.
    I am reaching out to you now
    I have pic’s of the bruises and what i fell over in one of ure store.
    you can contact me directly

  10. I have my own complaints that I will not take up here, but I would urge all customers disappointed in stocking issues to be patient as it is a very hard process often with limited staff. Also, when people call a store and ask about a product, I would say NOT to do this in general as you may get a cashier or someone who CANNOT leave their post to find something. Also, Dollar Tree employees are not highly paid as in many other stores–which is why prices remain low for customers. Realize that first mistakes can be made, and secondly that you get what you pay for–that is, if you expect top notch customer service, please shop at Nordstrom’s or somewhere where employees are paid to give it.

  11. I had left a bag from a purchase and went back and they gave my bag away I explained I got the last items dollar tree had and she said it’s not her problem I left her bag she was yelling saying get the fuc* out her store she didn’t refund me she was calling tree police I left because I don’t want problems with the law because someone is on a power trip she then was yelling at a deaf lady that the cashier couldn’t help because now that we wear mask she was saying write it down please I can’t here I can’t see your lips because the mask and she kept yelling at her !! And told me get fuck out I called another location for your number and gonna talk to the store manager tomorrow if this lady isn’t fired I’m going to call the local news and get together people to help this happen I’m so disappointed and she needs to loose her job this is definitely not how you treat people I need someone to reach mount to me ASAP

  12. On March 13,2021, I went in Dollar Tree to use my cash app card to buy somethings. The machine declined my card twice. So,I paid for my purchase with cash money. I said, let me check my cash app card before I leave this store and sure enough they had taken 61.70 from my card and they wouldn’t give me my money back. So, I screenshots my cash app in case I have to sue Dollar Tree
    Carol Lawson

  13. I live in West Jordan and went to store this morning. A lady walked out of the store with no mask on and then walked back in the store with still no mask on. Her teenage daughters, about 4 of them also not wearing masks. Not one employee refused service. I then asked 3 employees working there at the time if the mask mandate was up in Utah. I knew the mask mandate was still in effect until April 10th. There was one employee, the manager who knew there was still a mask mandate and her comment was well we will all have to take individual care of ourselves. We have variants in Utah. Please inform your managers in West Jordan that I will call the law on that store if I see unmasked people in there again. So that I can feel safer.

  14. I live in Wilmington Delaware March 23 i had an interview at dollar tree got hired okay cool 20mins later got a call and was told they couldn’t hire me because in 2006 i work at family dollar and never gave them a 2wks notice doesn’t make any sense to me and i was never on the payroll didn’t work there long not even a month so what should i do.

  15. I recently visited the Lindenhurst dollar tree in the outback shopping center a lady named Donna that had purple in her hair rang my order she is quick on the register and has great customer service skills well done to this woman in your store. Far as your store there is clutter everywhere you can’t even walk around without getting hurt. Your managers suck!!! I hear how you scream at them. The line is all the way down to the freezers while you are outside smoking or sitting on your butts in the office.. really!!! I’m a manager of a cvs and I help my employees Whether it’s crushing boxes ringing register vacuuming store bagging groceries for the customers to get them out faster unbelievable seeing how the store is run shame on you that girl kicks ass and I think she should be shown that she’s a valid employee to that store. I’m ready to offer her a job. I love the convenience where the store is located in the parking lot is plenty of space to park I’m just shocked that dollar tree lets these managers treat their employees like garbage. And your store has the most choices in merchandise I can always find the things I need when it’s packed out on the shelves correctly but when the boxes are all over the isles and all the shelves are empty come on put some hours get that Merchandise out to the customers maybe you should think about having night hours of people just packing out the store instead of sitting on your butt.

  16. why is it that the best employees that you have get treated so poorly.
    My husband worked for your company and was at work every day working 30 to 35 hrs. Boom out of giving his best at work daily you cut him down to 8 hrs a week.
    how the hell is anyone supposed to pay rent of 825.00 along with gas, electric, water, and phone bill.
    Please, enquiring minds want to know how???

  17. Will not shop at your stores until the restrooms are opened. No excuse for closing them. Other stores have their restrooms open.

  18. Mice running around in the store, on 5245 Ridge Ave Cinti oh calling the board of health on this company I will never shop at that store again but J will be checking to see if anything is being done

  19. Hi
    I would like to know if u could send probiotic vitamins to Bensalem Penna stores.. i asked the mgr and called the company to see if i could order them ? if i cannot can us send them to dollar stores in that area i bvought what they had out………

    Sandy Tanzola

  20. Never would I take to a forum to place a complaint but seeing I can’t find anywhere else to email I will leave it here in hopes that someone will see it. I live in an area where we have many DT & every single one of them are so cluttered you can’t even walk down the aisles. I’ve never in my life seen anything like this. I understand that there are probably shortage of employees and if that’s the case you people really need to hire more people to stock & clean your stores. After reading the other complaints on here apparently it’s not just down here in the south it’s an ongoing problem with a lot of your stores. Please take care of your employees pay them more & get more of them. Not sure if it’s management or what. I know that DT won’t miss me as one customer from shopping at your store but I’m almost to the point of not ever wanting to go back. Please read this and consider cleaning up your stores!!!!

  21. So I dont know where or who to complain to but I hope someone will see this that can do something because it’s very ridiculous. Here where I live in Bonneville Arkansas there is a manager lady named diane and she is one of the most rude people I have ever seen. This lady is very unprofessional and very rude to not only customers but worse to employees. I can only hope that someone will do something about this and investigate it so these employees dont have to deal with such a terrible work environment.

  22. Store: Beebe, AR
    2035 W Center St
    Beebe, AR 72012

    I arrived at Dollar Tree in Beebe between 8:30-8:40 i briskly shopped as I new they would be closing in 20 mins. I made my way around the store with my items (which not that it matters were the items for my children’s Easter baskets)!

    The whole time I was shopping the sales associates were announcing the store would be closing and also announced that it was in fact “CLOSED” and I also heard them mention that I was still in the store sounding annoyed!

    When I got to the register I placed my items on the belt, I was trying to look over what I had gotten and make sure each child got the same amount of items. The sales associate kept taking my items, I asked for a moment and assured her I would be quick as I knew the store was “CLOSED” she said we’ll be quick and hurry in the most rude manner I have ever heard.

    I assured her again I would be quick and knowing retail it’s not like she could close the door until we finished our transaction and I had left the store. (And there was NO ONE behind me)

    I was shocked and astonished….what had I done wrong? She said actually you can leave your items and get out!!!! At this point I am very defensive and offended so I of course say I will not be disrespected like this and I will get out of the store. Another sales associate was there and I believe would tell the truth of what happened! The other sales associate said we do have leave this store at a certain time which I told her I understood but she did not have to be disrespectful! I then asked what her name was she said “Gayla feel free to use it” but I am not convinced that was her name!

    She literally (not physically) threw me out of the store and locked the door behind me while another customer was still in the store!

    When I got to my car I was shocked to see it was 8:53!!!! I checked my phone and it was 8:53… the store was posted to close at 9pm and this sales associate made this scene over my items and it wasn’t even time to close.

    I came out of the store and cried because I have never been humiliated like this before, my husband and two of my children were in the car. I drove to Walmart which is the next door and this whole situation didn’t set well with my husband because I am pregnant, so we drove back over for my husband to diffuse the situation and ask more questions to report her. The time was 8:59 and the doors were locked and had been locked, so whatever business DT could have received in the last 7 minutes—didn’t happen!

    This is entire experience was so embarrassing humiliating and so stressful that I wasn’t even able to purchase my children’s Easter items. I then begin to feel contractions and this put stress on myself.

    I will never shop at this store or any Dollar Tree again and I will also inform any forums and anyone I know of my experience!

    This lady was an older lady with white hair and glasses I believe. I will follow up by calling your corporate line and also calling the store manager and the regional manager.

  23. Baker’s Harvest Chicken-Flavored Baked Crackers, 7-oz. Boxes
    SKU# 242767
    6 units per case
    This item has been cancelled by customer request.
    3 Cases $6.00 $18.00
    I ordered these online March 8, 2021 and received an email 4/9/2021 that the order was cancelled. If Dollar Tree cancelled my order – than where is my refund? You were quick to take my $18.00 than why after 4 days I haven’t been refunded? I will never order online from your store again!!! I hope with graduation parties around the corner that no one orders these thinking they will get them in a reasonable time but after a month – I’m still waiting.

  24. I want to order a case of “essentials” brand Disposable Gloves, 100 Count for $1.00 These bags of gloves are important to my use, and are unpredictably stocked at your stores. Today, I drove to two different stores and only found eight bags total, but I left one bag at each store for someone else. Please advise as to how I can acquire this product. Thank you very much.

  25. I was in your store in North Platte, Nebraska today and they are in need of some light bulbs replaced. About half of their lights were out and it was pretty dark in the store.

  26. I i shop at the Crown Point Store, # 1318 often twice a week. It is always clean, organized and stocked with good products. The staff is polite and helpful

  27. I would like you to know how much I love our store in Brookfield Missouri. The clerks are so helpful and friendly. The manager keeps a clean store and she also is very friendly. I probably go there at least twice a week. These ladies deserve a pat on the back.

  28. Delightful associate with a wonderful personality at store #7491 1790 Blanchard St. Wheaton, IL. First time there, shopping after a Dr. Visit. Her name is Maria R. She also checked me out. People like her are worth going out of your way to shop at ‘their store’!

  29. Store # 2933 in Zanesville Ohio has some very rude, hostile and violent employees. My 12 year old son and I pulled up at 8:45pm in the parking lot Sunday evening, after our 12 hour fishing trip. We only needed 2 items and weren’t planning on being very long inside of the store. Well initially we were headed right in until my son said he couldn’t find his cell phone, so we spent 9 minutes or so looking for it. By the time we finished it was 8:54pm I said ok let’s hurry up and go in before they close once I saw that closing time was 9:00pm. So we open the door and walk inside. There is a man standing there and it appeared he had been sweeping. First thing he said to us was “you got 2 minutes” well that kinda threw me off and caught me off guard. Nobody has ever talked to me that rudely in my life and I am 32 years old. So I said in response to him it’s not 9:00pm yet, and he said “I don’t care we lock the doors at 8:57pm”. Well we only needed 2 items and it wasn’t going to take us long, so we headed to the medication aisle. Got the first item, and then went to the next aisle and grabbed the second item. When we walked towards the cash register he was starring a hole through us, and wasnt saying anything. I said to him see I told you we wouldnt be long, but I still was a little upset by the way he spoke to us initially. So I asked him for his name because I noticed his name badge wasn’t on his body anywhere, it appeared he had removed it prior to us walking up. He then said to me “no I’m not telling you my name” and I was confused so I asked him why, and he proceeds to tell me “because I don’t like you, that’s why”. By this time I’m in shock I assumed it was because my son and I are African Americans, so I asked him are you racist? He looked at me with disgust and hostility. I started to get very upset, and I said I want to know your name and demanded he tell me what it was so I could report him. Why would you tell a total stranger that you don’t like them? I’ve never even seen this man a day in my life before, but you don’t like me hmm seemed odd to me. Well I paid with my card after my son said come on mommy let’s just go, my son is 12 and he’s never experienced anything like this before, EVER. So now we walk towards the door, and I see another employee standing there, she was a female. I said can you please tell me his name, he is being very rude to me and I don’t understand what’s going on, he needs to be reported. She said well he is right we are required to lock the door by 8:57pm, and I said ok that is fine but had he not been arguing with me at the register for 2 minutes I would’ve been out if here before 8:57pm. So I tried to push the door and it was locked. My receipt time was 8:57 and 46 seconds, so in 46 seconds she had locked the door and when I walked over she didn’t even unlock it. I had to unlock the door myself to get out by hand, and as we ate walking out I ask one more time for his name and his managers. She says our managers name is Keith he will be in at 8:00am tomorrow you can call or stop in then. I said ok but I need his name to be able to discuss the situation, so she says his name is Andy alright its Andy. So I said ok and headed out the door. So he again wasn’t finished being hostile towards us and screamed “get out of our store”. So by this time I am going ballistic and my son is between me and the door trying to get me to call down. My 12 year old son felt very threatened and intimidated by this man, he said I thought he was going to lunge at you by the register and he said I felt like he was going to try and hit you when we were headed out the door an nobody is going to put their hands on my mommy. So I head home in a rage, an call my family to see what I should do. My mom says to calm down and go back down in the morning and talk it over with the manager. So I called and asked my nana if she would go down with us at 8:00am. She goes there often and the manager would recognize her, he was always very kind to her.
    Well it’s now Monday morning at 8:00am, and we walk inside of the store. I say to him ate you Keith and he says yes and I said ok well you are probably already aware of this but let me explain. He says I’m not aware but I will be now and gives me the floor. I tell him what happened and the entire scenario. He then speaks up and says all I can do is give him a write up and retrain him. I started to get a little upset because I felt like that man should be terminated for his offensive behavior. He said well I can’t fire him and I can tell you right now he’s not racist. An I said how do you know that? He said I know he’s not making excuses for this man speaking to me in this manner. I said well I’m not satisfied with a write up and a retrain, what’s going to stop him from treating someone else this way? He says hopefully it’ll teach him that’s not how we talk to our customers, but you don’t know how he was feeling before you came into the store. I said ok but that has nothing to do with me, he should treat every customer with respect I said I’ve worked in customer service before and that is unacceptable. He says well he has the right to say whatever he wants, just like you, and your son. I’ll have to watch the videos to see exactly what happened and I’ll talk with my DM I assumed district manager. I said ok that’s fine an all but I’m getting ahold of corporate, I need something done about this. The next thing that threw me off was he said well in order to get this over to my DM, I’ll need some information. What is your name so I supplied that, he said what about your phone number so I gave him that, and then several times he says I’ll need your address too. I wasn’t comfortable with that one, so I said I’m not giving you my address that’s not necessary and I don’t feel comfortable. He said ok but if I don’t give your address they probably won’t do anything about this, so I said that’s ok I’ve already taken down corporates information and I’ve called an attorney. I’m not going to allow someone to get away with this type of treatment in a department store. It was pure disrespect and it was disgusting. To have someone you’ve never met a day in your life tell you that they dont like you is insane to me and then to tell you to get out of the store, I’m appalled. I did nothing wrong and I was out of the store before 9:00pm. Nobody who works in customer service should ever talk to a customer like that, CSRs are taught that the customer is always right, but I wasn’t even trying to be. I just needed 2 items and I would’ve been in and out. It is impossible to speak to someone on the customer service line and I’ve senf an email with no response. I want answers, and I want to know why it is ok for employees to talk like this to a paying customer! None of my family will ever shop at another Family Dollar store again. This needs to be corrected.

  30. I got in trouble at work because they told me that I needed to be at the dollar store at 2 am because of a investigation now i don’t know if it’s true but I got in big trouble would this happen to be true please let me know

  31. Major Complaint regarding Doug Talley
    While working for DT in overland park, KS I had the unfortunate pleasure of dealing/talking/working with him and as long as I played ball no issues as soon as I spoke up after another Asst Manager called me repeatedly a racial slur (Ni***r and B*tch) Doug had a issue because I spoke up n snap back at the Asst Manager.. then they can with more harassment as a way to push me out the door they allowed another associate to slander my name and assassinate my character I wish Doug tally and HR manager that was over such a harassment was delighted to do because I would not back down from being bullied by Emily and her family members that she had working at the store.. Doug Talley forced me out and left me feeling like he was a Racist Bigot because he only took action when I spoke up for myself and there was another witness that seen the entire thing played out but instead of doing the right thing he looked the other way and has made it hell for me to go back to Dollar Tree at any store and they terminated me when I was in the hospital with my daughter after she had her kidney transplant. To be exact the manager for a store in Missouri on Brighton Road told me that if I did not come back to work but it will be a issue I told her my daughter was in surgery at the moment and I could not leave the hospital because she was having a kidney transplant and instead of being compassionate I got terminated 2/27/2020.. once my daughter was stable enough I tried going back I even called the manager of the store to get my schedule and I was told that I no longer work there. So Doug Talley went above and beyond to make sure that I would lose my job… He has made it so difficult for me to go back to Dollar tree as an assistant manager… I have never done anything wrong to not be able for eligible rehire but yet he has made it difficult for me to return without any valid reason my resume is impeccable and this guy still will not let me return because he’s acting as a district manager in another area that I try to get Hired and he told them NO! Without any valid reason why I cannot return he just said NO!

  32. I recently quit working at the dollar tree. And I have to admit, it was great until a certain store manager came and took over. She was disrespectful to employees, bullied, lies, and doesn’t so her job and just treats people horribly. I’ve confronted her many times. It got so bad we told the district manager and put an HR report in on her from half the crew. Nothing got done. I have quit after being disrespected and unappreciated during work. I was about to get promoted and decided my mental health was not worth it. She changes time punches and lies about events that has happened. And she is still talking down about me and prior co workers after we have quit to other manager within the store and within the district. Having taking all this to HR prior to leaving and nothing was done to fix anything, the end result was her telling everyone I was the problem. Yet, I wasn’t the problem before she came to our store. With that being said, my conclusion is this. Dollar tree either A, supports bullying, narcissistic, disrespectful people leading their stores or B, they just straight up don’t care. And you would think that with picture evidence with time punch changes and just recently settling a law suit for it, dollar tree would care a little more. And because of all of this, I have left. My mental health is much more important than dealing with all of this.


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