Dollar General Headquarters Information, Contact Details, and Email Format

Dollar General Headquarters

Dollar General is a large American retail chain headquartered in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, United States. To buy healthcare products, baby products, office & school products, personal care, and many others, Dollar General is a big name among the buyers. It is one of the best ways to buy products online in the US. They have captured good market share online as well as offline (through retail store / outlet) across the US.

The company is listed on one of the largest stock exchanges in the US i.e. NYSE. The stock name is DG. The Chief Executive Officer Todd J Vasos is leading Dollar General since June 2015. In this article, we have provided contact information of Dollar General including headquarters address, corporate office phone number and more. So, let’s see!

Dollar General Headquarters
Dollar General Headquarters

Dollar General Corporate Headquarters Contact Information

The company based in Goodlettsville TN, full address is given below. You can submit your query and raise concern too based on your requirement.

  • Headquarters Address: 100 Mission Ridge, Goodlettsville, Tennessee 37072
  • Mailing Address: As Above
  • Phone Number: (615) 855-4000

Dollar General Customer Support Numbers

If you are an existing customer or new one, you can get customer support service from given below contact number. This customer care number is applicable for your online shopping question to get quick response.

  • Customer Service Department Phone Number: 877-463-1553
  • Customer Care Contact Number: 1-800-678-9258
  • Email Address:

DG Mobile Alerts on Your Phone including Offers and Coupons

If you are looking for good deals, discount coupons, and offers from Dollar General, we suggest you to signup with their mobile alerts. It is easy to do it. Please write text message from your mobile as given below:

  • SIGNUP and send it to 34898

Dollar General Media Inquiries Contact

If you are looking for further information about latest news, concern, query, or anything related to DG news, please reach to the media team. Please find below email ID and dialing number for the same.

  • Email Address:
  • Phone: 1-877-944-3477

DG Paid Advertising Inquiries Contact

To get further information about DG paid advertising, please reach to the paid advertising section at below number:

  • Phone: 615-855-5775

Dollar General HR Inquiries / DG Careers Contact

To get in touch with HR team at DG, please use following phone numbers. This helpline number is useful for existing employees, former employees, and interested candidates (future employees / potential employees).

  • Phone Number: 1-888-877-9374
  • Please Dial: 1-855-ASK-DGHR (275-3447)

DG Donation Request

If you are looking for donations from DG, please write a formal written request on your organization’s letterhead. Do not forget to include 9-digit EIN number of your organization. This is general procedure to process your request.

  • Email Address:

DG Sponsorship Request Contact

If your are looking for sponsorship from DG for your event? Please call to the sponsorship team at given below number. Do not forget to mention your event details and how it is going to become beneficial to the company.

  • Phone Number: 615-855-4000

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Dollar General General Contact Details

  • Certegy (Dollar General’s check authorization provider): 1-866-407-6946 for Returned Check Inquiry
  • DG Corporate Giving Programs Phone: (615) 855-5048 Contributions Hotline
  • DG MSDS Toll Free Number: 1-877-855-8797
  • New Building Sites Bid Information Email:
  • Store Facility Maintenance Department Email:

Article first published on April 13, 2020.

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43 thoughts on “Dollar General Headquarters Information, Contact Details, and Email Format

  1. I love DG 12644. All the employees are awesome. friendly and helpful. It is so good to see Linda back. Thank you, AMS

  2. The store in caryville Tennessee is the sorry store they they do not keep anything stock they keep the store a mess and you cannot find anything I will not every shop in the dollar general store anymore

    1. The one in Flomaton Alabama has nothing. All the stock is sitting on the end of the isle. The one in Century Florida has a lot of groceries and with no sales tax on groceries in Florida versus the one in Flomaton Alabama one mile away it is worth saving the 10%. I wish the century Florida would keep everything stock more often. They have more customers. As for the one in Flomaton Alabama. Shut it down and move the employees over to century. DG OWNS THE STORE IN CENTURY FLORIDA BUT NOT THE ONE IN FLOMATON ALABAMA. MAKES SENSE TO ME.

  3. I live catty corner from a dollar general store, Parking is ridiculous and then trying to get a big tractor trailer in the lot is another thing. The drivers that deliver here are not considerate of my property, There is just not enough room for those tractor trailers to Pull into the lot. They need a bigger area to pull into, instead of alleys and a small parking lot. . I have had property damage issues For a long time, Nothing was ever done until this year . I just so happen to be standing outside when the damage happened. I love the dollar general store And utilize it quite often, At other locations, but sometimes just being able to walk down the street or over to it is easy.but I’m so stressed out by them I even hate thinking about coming home to find more damage. I had to go out and buy security cameras because I was never confronted or told about damage they have done in the past. It’s so bad I want to sell my house! Feeling frustrated!

  4. The dollar general at 3865 Friars Cove Rd, has only one (1) driveway, and someday, an accident will happen. The store mentioned, is in St. Cloud, Florida. A dg truck has been on their property since yesterday morning, and is an Ugly sight!

  5. I just left to dg on Carterville road in Petal,Ms. The flyer on the door clearly says face mask must be worn . Well 2 employees were at the first register when you walk in first of they never even acknowledge anyone was in the store. And the 2nd and most important is neither one of them had any type of face mask on even when people were checking out neither one of them even spoke to any of the people not even have a nice night or even kiss our ass. This store was real nice when opened up but now you cannot even get down the aisles and most important the people that work there are the most unprofessional people I have ever seen. So needless to say I will not be back.

    1. Anyone who has any type of breathing/ health issue with the mask is EXEMPT from mandates, as WRITTEN IN THE MANDATES. As well, HIPPA “LAW”, would prevent anyone from questioning those employees’ health issue, that precludes mask wearing. Also, These mask mandates ARE NOT LAW, as well they are UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Governors or mayors are NOT LEGISLATIVE and do not impose law.

  6. I shop at the Dollar General in Smithton, IL. This store is the worst DG I have ever been in. The shelves are not stocked because everything is still on big carts in boxes. You couldn’t social distance in the store if you wanted to. The big carts are always full and take up space in the aisles. If they stocked the shelves the carts would not be in the way because they would be empty. This in all of the time. Corporate needs to send someone to this store and straighten this problem out. It is a shame that this store is always in such a shamble.

  7. Hello,
    Let me say first, I have loved the Dollar General Store ever since I was a child. For the past several years, my opinion is changing. The examples I’m giving were true years before the pandemic. I live in Knoxville TN and these problems are true of four different stores.
    Boxes in the aisle with merchandise in them.
    Very sparce merchandise on the shelves.
    Stale candy.
    One person trying to stock and take care of customers and run the register.
    In the past, I would just go to another store but now I’ve run out of locations. The following stores are guilty.
    Asheville Hwy
    Both Western Avenue stores
    MLK Drive
    Broadway Ave (Broadway Shopping Center)
    Please help.

  8. I went in the DG at 2358 Wadhams Rd Kimball, Michigan an there were so many people walking around without mask and even a cashier with no mask. I took pictures of them to report to the State, but decided to let the corporate store know first to see if they can rectify the situation.

    1. I am glad I was not there, if you had taken a picture of me you would have had a problem. You don’t know why those people didn’t have a mask on. There are medical issues that make people exempt from wearing a mask and a HIPPA law that prevents anyone from asking what their medical issues are or why they are not wearing a mask. If you do not like shopping somewhere where people are not wearing masks, shop somewhere else. Otherwise stop sticking your nose in other peoples business.

    2. Similar situation in Lansing, Kansas. All the customers were wearing masks except the clerks and a large sign on the door strongly encouraged masks to be worn to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The clerk had plexiglass but she came out from behind the register and the other clerk was all over the store restocking without a mask. The patrons looked concerned over this. The clerks were in their 20’s and 30’s however a lot of your customers are older which is worrisome because this disease effects the older generation more severely and everyone has to shop for food and goods. I only purchased one item and left as quickly as possible.

  9. i have been a loyal customer of dollar general for over 15yrs. most of the time i never have a complaint but this is one of those rare times. my 5 off 25 coupon did not work on saturday and i explained that to the cashier and was told thats a problem for the app people. was like a paper coupon works but my preloaded coupon did not. and why would u send me on my way instead of just handling the problem instore. not very good on her part. i called monday morning and got shuffled around and was told someone would get back to me..yea right. u need to work on your customer relations cause this is not how you treat a loyal customer..

  10. We just had a new store put in our little town(Shady Dale Ga,) and it’s a great store, just what we have been needing. But, the store has been closing at 5pm every day because of staffing issues? I know a few people have inquired about working there and the store manager keeps telling them to apply online, which they have done with no response. One day there was a hand written note on the door that said apply within. Open interviews now. But when you go in to inquire about a job, all he would say is you have to go online.
    And there is a porta potty outside because the septic system is messed up.
    What is going on with our new store?
    I live across the street from the store, so when the store closes at 5, when everyone else is getting off of work, we sit and watch people after people pull into the parking lot, just to be turned away.

  11. I shop at the Dollar Geneal in Charlotte Hall, MD. Recently this store is a mess! Shelves are empty, boxes are in the aisles, stockers stand around chatting with each other, cashier talks on his phone while checking out customers (this happened to me today). This store needs a surprise visit from the district manager. Maybe that will cause the store manager and employees to shape up. I will not return to this store any time soon.

  12. I sent my son too the store in frankfort ky and he cam back with my receipt they took more off my bank card the what the original price was then tried too tell me when I called the store that my son pushed money back for $1 when no place in the world gives you the option for $1 cash back numerous times

  13. The DG store in Collinsville, Al. has signs posted every where requiring customers to wear masks. I guess the cashiers can’t read because they don’t wear them and don’t enforce customers to wear them. If not for their health, how about the health of others?

  14. I went into a Dollar General in Waynesboro PA . I’m not a usual customer just needed creamer, their were two employees both not wearing mask and so involved in gossiping they ignored my search for the creamer. I did eventually find it. I was very uneasy when going to the register thank god their was a plexiglass barrier. I won’t come back this store drops the ball and shows their customers they really don’t care about their welfare. I’ll go back to Walmart at least the employees care about their customers and take precautions.

      1. You must be a stupid Trump supporter who doesn’t think COVID is real and everything is fake. The mask is not only for your protection but for the protection of others. Maybe you will just catch the Coronavirus and experience the severity of it or worse. Maybe one day you will realize what an idiot you are!

  15. The store in Smithton IL. Is the most cluttered store I’ve ever seen! There in consistently roll containers in every isle and on each end cap! Not at all the staffs fault , they work their butts off in there! I can never get to the product I want because of unboxed product setting everywhere!

  16. The store in Newbern Tn. is horrible. Shelfs empty. Cant get through the aisle. Most rude employees I have ever meet. Sad thing store has not been opened long at all. No management. Needs to be closed down or all let go. Not hard to retrain or replace people who do care.

  17. A veteran is someone who was formally in the military, I take offense to this as my Father is a disabled Veteran. You may want to rethink this in the future.
    This is in reference to the discount offered to Veterans today.

  18. I am reporting a nasty rude reprehensible store manager named CHERYL, she manages the Dollar general in North East, Pa. 16428 located at 10670 West Main rd/street, North East, PA. 16428. Store Number: 7108. CHERYL has a temper,severe mood swings goes off and screams at customers and employees often. Chain smoker, nicotine fits. CHERYL has no regard for anyone around her in the store, that includes little children who are frightened when they hear and or hear and see screaming excessively loud at at customer or employee. No wonder she can’t keep help. Another issue is stock is not rotated, old expired product is shoved back and new product put in front. CHERYL needs ANGER MANAGEMENT help. She does belong working with the public. Someone needs to finally do something about CHERYL, as CHERYL is causing you to lose customers. CHERYL has very serious issues. CHERYL is a reflection of you who owns and runs Dollar general that what you want to represent you?

    Also all your Dollar General stores most are filthy,unorganized, eye sore pig styes. How can you ignore this public health issue. It’s disgraceful and sheds a light on your poor don’t care ways of running your stores all over the country including Erie, Pa area, Erie County, PA. Have you no shame? Time to clean up,shape up and get decent employees to manage your stores.

  19. I am N Flat Rock MI, and I have shopped at Dollar General 4 year’s.. The D.G.Store #08667 is very racist!!!! I spend quite a bit of money every time I visit 1 of the store’s. The Manager at this Store is pass RIDICULOUS… They don’t have s problem with taking your money, but if U need 2 return merchandise, U have 2 go through hoop’s!!! I bought some men sleep pant’s from Store #13056, I misplaced the receipt, but the tag’s were still on them. I didn’t want money back, just change the size… The Manager at Store #08667, refuse 2 exchange them. I was able 2 switch them at another store. This happen N September 2020… Then I made a purchase at Store #13056 N these amount of $167.42.. on October 31st. Well,
    some of the pants were 2 small 4 my daughter ( who by the way is pregnant).. All the tag’s were N tack, and I had my receipt. I went 2 return just those few item’s on November 15th, at Store #08667 and here is what she said!!( When was this purchase made, and then she said, oh, we can’t return this purchase here, U have 2 go back 2 the store U bought them from)!!! I have never had 2 go through something like this!!! But, on the 13th of November, she didn’t have a problem taking my money 4 a purchase I made that day, N the amount of $91.60…. I will NOT do any further business at that store, and I am going 2 let every1 I know and don’t know, DON’T SHOP AT this STORE!!!! Especially, if U R BLACK, which is what I am!!!!

  20. On Thursday, November 19, 2020, about 1:15pm, I was being checked out at DG #03885 in Duncan, OK. When I inserted my debit card all machine froze and the store couldn’t make transactions. I told the cashiers I dont need a receipt and could I pay in cash. They allowed me to do so.
    As I was driving from DG into the Main street two DG women ran out waving out me. I immediatedly pulled over. They gave me my debit card that I leave in the stores reader.
    I really appreciated them doing that for me. I was on my way back home in Texas and would have been without my debit card for a bit. Thank -YOU kind workers in DG Duncan, Oklahoma!!!

  21. I go to the Dollar General in Steubenville Ohio. I go there often due to it being close to my home and I love the digital coupons. There are always carts full of inventory in the aisles but today was outrageous. Every aisle was filled with multiple carts full of merchandise to the point that you could not get down the aisles and I was unable to find the items I came in for. It was very frustrating and I left to go to another store to buy what I needed. I am also sure this is a fire code violation. There were 2 women working but they were at the front talking to each other and noone was on the floor unpacking carts. Very disappointing.

  22. Your manager slandered my wife inside your store and follow her to my car to get more money to pay for merchandise and called her a thrift all way back inside the store and had my wife lift her shirt inside the store pull her bra out and everything I need someone call ***-402-**** resolve this before it goes any further in a court battle.

  23. My husband and I visited the Dollar General Store in Tully,
    NY on Nov 21st. about 2:00. While waiting in line, we noticed the MANAGER stocking shelves with her mask UNDER HER CHIN. Even more startling, we witnessed a customer walk up to her to ask a question and it remained under her chin. The store # is 06404. The store manager’s name is “Lori”. Ny husband has a serious health issue. Covid is a serious problem here in NY. The gov. had MANDATED that employees wear masks. Is this stupidity, ignorance, or both? Obviously, you don’t care. I will be contacting DH Headquarters and the health dept. Will never step foot in that (or any) Dollar General.

  24. Since the executive order by the governor of North Carolina regarding mask, the Dollar General located at 4820 Fallston Rd, Fallston, NC 28042 has not abided by the state mandate. The governor has recently increased mask requirements, and this Dollar General location is operating as business as usual, with a huge majority of customers not wearing masks.

    This store location will be packed, along with long lines and only one or two customers in the store are wearing masks. The customers wearing masks are having to tell the customers not wearing masks to stand 6ft. away. I was in the store the other day, and a woman who was not wearing a mask was coughing with a very bad cough and there were people shopping in the aisle as her. Not good.

    I feel uncomfortable shopping in this location. To avoid the non-compliance of mask wearing, I started going there at lower peak times but now I have starting shopping at another Dollar General that is fifteen minutes away. There are some customers who do not have the option to go to another location or to another store. This is not fair and a disservice to those customers who have no other shopping options.

    The managers and staff are very nice and always provide great customer service. I’m not sure if the managers and staff are afraid to enforce the mandate out of fear of how the customers will respond. Whatever the reason, the managers and staff should feel supported with enforcing the mandate. If it means having security at the door like other retailers are doing to make sure everyone who enters is wearing a mask, then this store needs that support. This is a state ordered mandate by the governor of North Carolina and the state is fining business who do not comply. Please fix this!

  25. This is not a complaint but rather a suggestion. Gardeners not only garden in the summer, but they also repot in the winter when plants are dormant and need new soil inwhich to grow healthy roots. I live in an apartment and can not store soil for the fall and winter and finding potting soil after summer is extremely hard. Why don’t you start selling gardening paraphernalia year-round? There are plenty of us out there! Thank You!

  26. The Dollar store in sabetha ks is filthy dirty. The bathrooms are disgusting,and u have to ask for a key to use it. You can hardly get the cart down the aisle bc of the merchandise is on the floor shelves are aray. There is always boxes of stuff to be stocked and just sitting in the way. You cant even yet to look at the clothes they have because it is so packed full of stuff. There is about 2 employees that are worth anything. I’ve bought expired food fro. There and they did nothing about it. Yesterday the girl told me I couldnt use a coupon for a product if I was also using any digital coupons I think they need a good cleaning from store to product to employees

  27. It is not the law but it is a state mandate and if I came in and saw someone behind the register without a mask I would also wonder why my friend has copd and wears a mask also they make shield mask so that is no excuse sounds like YOU are just making excuses for your employs bad behavior

  28. To whom it may concern.
    I was visiting my granddaughters in Galena, Ks and tried to use my food stamp card ( from Iowa) and it rejected it 2 different times. So after going to WalMart in Joplin, Mo, and used it there just fine, we went to a DG store right down the street on 7th and it wouldn’t work there.
    So someone from Corporate should fix this please cause my dogs favorite treats ( Vienna Sausages) are sold there.
    Thank You
    Yvette hanson

  29. I was just at the DG location 6732 Lambert Rd, Orient, OH 43146. There was a big box/bin that stated wrapping paper single roll was $1.00 each. When I got to the the register they rang up at $3.00 each, when I asked about it I was advised they are $3.00. I then said the paper was in a big bin that clearly said $1.00. The cashier called the manager over and she said “You’re wrong-they are $3.00. I suggested they mark the box with the correct price. There was a DG employee in line behind me that has checked me out numerous times that spoke up and said “they have to charge you the price marked-she looked at the cashier and said ” you need to go check the price and if it’s $1.00 then that’s what you charge her… the cashier rolled her eyes and the manager then said a customer must have put them in the bin. I asked “all of them”??? So she then said “they’re probably in there to conserve space”. So first she calls me a liar, then blames it on other customers and then it’s about saving space. As much money as I spend at this location, I was very upset with the way I was treated and spoken to.

  30. A very dedicated manager for Dollar General for 5 years in Hyde Park NY and Kingston NY Mrs. Judy Bentley was fired last week because regional manager said break times did not match surveillance tapes. This single mom never had any complaints in 5 years. The community loved her in Hyde Park and she ran that store perfectly. This store was 5 minutes from her home. In the last year they sent her half hour away to Kingston working long hours always covering shifts to make sure your store was run well. She gave up family time with her 2 children and grandchild she supports and this is the way dollar general treats their employees of 5 years? HR should look into this. Your Hyde Park store without her is a mess and Kingston will be also now that she is gone. You will lose customers I for one will not shop there. I guess your corporation is too big to really care about loyal employees fired for stupid reason. Shame on you and in a pandemic and before Christmas!

  31. The dollar general in Wichita Kansas 221 West 47th St. South Wichita ks 67217 is the best and the employees that worked on Christmas Eve 2020 should get a raise or some praise sent their way , I had a diabetic seizure from a low blood sugar while I was shopping for Christmas on christmas eve and the employees were quick to bring me orange juice and help me drink it , they had to hold it up to my mouth for me cuz I was shaking and twitching , if they wouldn’t of done that and got an ambulance called as quick as they did I would of died on Christmas Eve that night , please give your Christmas Eve night employees some positive reward and praise , thank you dollar general for saving my life !

  32. Dollar General in Jones Chapel, Alabama, west of Cullman, Alabama, needs it entrance fixed, big giant holes. The parking lot needs marking, no marked parking places, the paint is all worn off, handicap can’t see where to park. Please keep our Dollar Generals up to date, that’s all we have out in the country.

  33. I live in Cambridge Springs, PA and support the local DG store. I am writing to inquire why DG does not construct a larger store for this town. There is not a grocery store in this town nor any other type of store providing the goods which DG does. Other stores in the area are larger and nicer even with competition located in the same town. The workers at Cambridge are constantly restocking shelves and the isles are cluttered with the items they are stocking. That is not a complaint, it is an observation which speaks to the need for more room. I never see any of the workers sitting around, they are always busy. Because of no competition you have opportunity to expand your product offerings.
    Cambridge deserves a better store as it faithfully supports DG and the workers.
    Respectfully, Robert Joslin

  34. How do I retrieve my DG me login? I do not remember my password or my answers to my security questions please help

  35. I was a assistant manager for dollar General store number 09127 I had put in my 2 week notice and left there on good terms here recently they called me back wanting me to come back to work I put in my application did my packet sent for a background check and now have been waiting since 11/30/2020 I called HR they gave me advantage one phone number I call them they look it up tells me I have to call 8552****** get back on the phone with HR they say contract background check for dollar General I call and leave my information and never received a call all I want to do is go back to work can anyone help me with this please William williams

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