Dollar General Headquarters Address


Dollar General Corporate Headquarters Address

Do you have a question; how do I file a complaint with the headquarters of Dollar General? Prepare a nice letter with clear experience and send it to this headquarters address of Dollar General, 100 Mission Ridge, Goodlettsville, Tennessee 37072.

The complaints department at the DG headquarters is eager to help you out. If you have complaints against DG employees, don’t forget to contact local management/manager first. This address can also be used to send your complaints against the manager.

Do you have anything against the company’s truck driver? Are you finding it difficult to file a complaint against the truck driver? Please send a simple complaint letter to the company’s corporate office.

How do I contact Dollar General Headquarters?

Please note down the Dollar General headquarters’ address: Dollar General, 100 Mission Ridge, Goodlettsville, Tennessee 37072, to get in touch with the corporate office through mail. As a customer, you should write a letter to the corporate headquarters of Dollar General with a clear explanation of your experience and issues.

Dollar General Corporate Office

Dollar General Corporate Office, Photo Credit: Dollar General

Corporate Office Phone Number

For any queries, the company’s headquarters can also be contacted on the telephone, here is their phone number: (615) 855-4000. Please don’t raise simple queries on the corporate office contact number (our suggestion only).

Customer Support

If you are an existing customer or a new one, you can get customer support service from the given below contact number. This customer care number is applicable for your online shopping question to get a quick response.

As a DG customer, raise your complaints with the customer service department at this Phone Number: 877-463-1553 (Customer Service Department). The alternative number of Customer Care is 1-800-678-9258.

The customers of Dollar General can also send their complaints to this Email Address:

Media Relations Contacts

If you are looking for further information about latest news, concern, query, or anything related to DG news, please reach to the media team. Please find below email ID and dialing number for the same.

  • Email Address:
  • Phone: 1-877-944-3477

To get further information about DG paid advertising, please reach to the paid advertising section at below number:

  • Phone: 615-855-5775

HR Contacts

To get in touch with HR team at DG, please use following phone numbers. This helpline number is useful for existing employees, former employees, and interested candidates (future employees/potential employees).

  • Phone Number: 1-888-877-9374
  • Please Dial: 1-855-ASK-DGHR (275-3447)

Donation Request

If you are looking for donations from DG, please write a formal written request on your organization’s letterhead. Do not forget to include 9-digit EIN number of your organization. This is general procedure to process your request.

  • Email Address:

Sponsorship Request

If your are looking for sponsorship from DG for your event? Please call to the sponsorship team at given below number. Do not forget to mention your event details and how it is going to become beneficial to the company.

  • Phone Number: 615-855-4000

General Contacts

  • Certegy (Dollar General’s check authorization provider): 1-866-407-6946 for Returned Check Inquiry
  • DG Corporate Giving Programs Phone: (615) 855-5048 Contributions Hotline
  • DG MSDS Toll Free Number: 1-877-855-8797
  • New Building Sites Bid Information Email:
  • Store Facility Maintenance Department Email:


Dollar General is a large American retail chain headquartered in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, United States. To buy healthcare productsbaby products, office & school products, personal care, and many others, Dollar General is a big name among buyers. It is one of the best ways to buy products online in the US. They have captured good market share online and offline (through retail stores/outlets) across the US.

The company is listed on one of the largest stock exchanges in the US ie. NYSE. The stock name is DG. The Chief Executive Officer Todd J Vasos is leading Dollar General since June 2015.

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Quick Contacts

Dollar General Headquarters Address 100 Mission Ridge, Goodlettsville, Tennessee 37072, United States
HQ Phone Number (615) 855-4000

Dollar General

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7 Responses

  1. Judy Pollock says:

    I live in Atlanta Texas 75551, we have a Dollar General on Main Street. For the last couple of weeks the store has been open with no air conditioning and now when you go in there the freezers must be down as it smells horrible in there. Smells like rotten food. It has been closed a few times but most of the time they try to keep it open but those poor people that are working in there and that heat it’s deplorable. I hope someone does something about this it’s giving Dollar General a bad name.

  2. Lillian White says:

    I live in Elmira NY Lake st 14901. There’s a Dollar General down the street from me. The customers are constantly taking the shopping carts and leave them on the streets. There should be a long pole on them to keep them from being removed from the store. I’m so sick of these carts. I saw one thrown over the bridge into the river!!! These carts can’t be cheap!!! The employees walk past them on the way to work. Please take care of this!!!!

    • Dennis Goodwin says:

      I live in Reidville South Carolina store number 7349. This store is embarrassing junk in the floors shelves are always empty been This way for a long time building a 500 homes beside the store, to bad they will have to shop elsewhere

  3. Sheri Free says:

    To dg headquarters, I shop at Store #16720 Frequently in Magnolia Tx. The store is a total wreck! The shelves & coolers are bare MOST of the time. There are full rolltainers at every endcap. Products are blocking the aisles. It is extremely hard to try to find ànything! A district manager obviously doesn’t visit the store. So send regional manager

  4. Melinda J Blue says:

    I live in Abingdon ,Illinois our dollar general has been closed all week. I heard it’s because of the air-conditioning. It being down puts a lot of people without a place to shop. We have a grocery store but it doesn’t have the essentials we need. Can’t believe a large corporation like you can’t use local contractors and get the units up and running as well as the store reopened. Looks like to me the government has some control over refrigeration units like Walmart trouble and now your stores air-conditioning. We need our store open for the elderly living here.

  5. Andrea says:

    Please check the store in Colorado Springs, CO on 20 Widefield blvd, very nasty store! Not clean one bit! Floors filthy, products all over the store or not even organized, the workers smoke outside of the main entrance of the store, I am not not mocking their smoking but I don’t won’t have to smell it as I walk in. I want to buy my product and leave I hate having to rifle through “crap” that is just placed where ever in this store, please do better. This is the closest one to me and we don’t have but 3 stores in this area, I should not have to travel far to a Dollar General due to a store being disgusting!

  6. Sandy Lehmann says:

    I was in store 06740 @ Cumming Highway, Canton GA 470-***-**** and they charged my bank account $91.88 and I didn’t purchase that much. I asked for a receipt at the time and they gave me the customer in front of me for $16.88. It was on October 18th, 2023 and the time that is on that receipt is 18.22:35. The numbers after that are 06*** ** ****. I called the next morning and the manager that I spoke to was named Jan. She said she would check into it and call me back. No one ever called, so I went into the store to find out what was going on. I spoke to someone named Shannon and she said that the manager was not there, but to please don’t contact the corporate office about this. Again no one contacted me with an answer. I went back into the store again 2 more times and spoke to Shannon again and she said they couldn’t do anything, that it would have to be a manager. I was to come back on Sunday morning and talk to Tom, so that he would be able to reverse the transaction. My husband & I came back on Sunday morning (October 22nd) and Tom said that he wasn’t a manager and could not do anything about it. He suggested I call corporate because the other people were giving me the run around. I would like to hope this was an honest mistake but I’m beginning to wonder now because they keep saying the manager isn’t there to reverse the transaction. Tom did say that the manager just did go on vacation and wouldn’t be back until next Sunday. I do owe for the product that I purchased “BUT” not $91.88 worth of product.

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