Delta Air Lines Headquarters Address, CEO Email Address, Customer Service Email and More

Delta Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the United States of America. The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange with the stock name DAL. As of April 1, 2021, the stock price of DAL is US$48.83. Delta Air Lines is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. John F Kennedy International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, LaGuardia Airport, Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County International Airport and Salt Lake City International Airport are some of the hubs of Delta Air Lines.

Their focus cities are Raleigh-Durham International Airport and Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky International Airport. Delta Shuttle, DAL Global Services, Delta Vacations, Endeavor Air, Delta Private Jets, Delta TechOps, and Regional Elite Airline Services are some of the subsidiary companies of Delta Air Lines.

Delta Airlines Headquarters
Delta Airlines Headquarters, Photo Credit: Brian Cohen

Corporate Headquarters Contact Info

Delta Air Lines has several office locations in the US. The corporate headquarters address of Delta Air Lines is 1030 Delta Blvd. Atlanta, GA 30320. Please share your concern with the customer support team first.

Please dial 1-404-715-2600 to share your thoughts, feedback, suggestion, and opinion. It is one of the best ways to get in touch with Delta Air Lines.

Investor Relations

If you are an investor and looking for support, please contact through a call at 404-715-2170 or email at

The contact number of the transfer agent of Delta Air Lines is 800-259-2345 or 651-450-4064. The mailing address of the transfer agent is EQ Shareowner Services, P.O. Box 64854, St. Paul, MN 55164-0854.

CEO Email Address

Edward Bastian is the current chief executive officer of Delta Air Lines. Do you want to share your feedback, or give suggestions to him? If yes, please send your messages to this email address,

Reservation Sales 24 hours/day, 7 days/week

If you are looking for support for your reservation sales queries, please find the numbers in this section. For general sales and services, kindly call on 800-221-1212, 800-323-2323 for SkyMiles Members, and 800-325-1999 for Flight Info.

If you want to know your Refund Status, then please call on 800-847-0578. For International Sales and Service, kindly call on 800-241-4141. To contact details of Baggage, kindly call on 800-325-8224.

The Complaint Mailing Address is Delta Airlines Inc., Customer Care, PO Box 20980, Department 980, Atlanta GA 30320-2980, and the contact number is 800-455-2720.

The TDD Number of Delta Air Lines for Hearing and Speech Impaired is 800-831-4488. For Accessible Travel Services, kindly call 404-209-3434.

The Customer Support number in the Spanish language (En Espanol) is 800-511-9629 and the customer support number in the Japanese and Chinese language is 800-327-2850. For charter sales inquiries, please email at

General Contact Information

These are the general contact details of Delta, such as the general IVR number, group sales, and more in this section. You can contact Delta Air Lines for General Information (IVR), through a call on 800-221-1212. For Group Sales – Domestic and International, kindly call on 800-532-4777.

The contact number for Hearing and Speech Impaired is 800-831-4488. To Spanish Desk Reservations, please call on 800-511-9629. For KLM Reservations for the US and Canada, please call on 800-618-0104. To Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese Desk Reservations, kindly call on 800-327-2850.

Miscellaneous Listings

The contact number for Baggage Information Line is 800-325-8224. For Delta Cares (Human Remains Shipments), kindly call on 800-352-2737. The phone number for Cargo – Delta Dash is 800 DLCARGO (800-352-2746).

The KLM – Baggage Service Center number for the US and Canada is 877-447-5134. For Delta Vacations, kindly call on 800-727-1111. The KLM Cares – Medical Service Desk email address is

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For Pets First for Domestic and International Travel, kindly call on DLCARGO (800-352-2746). The KLM- Flying Blue Service Center number for the US and Canada is 800-375-8723. For Revenue Recovery, please call on 404-714-4662.

If you want to know your Refund Status, please call on 800-847-0578. The Sky Bonus Service Center number is 877-832-5211 and select option 2. The contact number for Sky Bonus Reservations is 877-832-5211 and select option 1.

Article last re-published on April 3, 2021.

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15 thoughts on “Delta Air Lines Headquarters Address, CEO Email Address, Customer Service Email and More”


  2. Did you have the kkk write the reply in the voting suppression in Georgia. The reply makes it sound like you may have consulted them or you the Governors Adminstration write it.

    You operation and customer service representing Delta need to get on the right side of this States trying to strip
    and disinfransize voters across this

    My future flights will depend on it

  3. Mr. Bastian:

    If you want to make laws in Georgia, then run for office to do that. Your job, in case you have forgotten, is to run Delta Airlines, which as a born Georgian I always supported, but NOT NOW! My Delta AMX card will be replaced and I will look at other airlines to makes my flights. How dare you mix politics and your own opinions with running a business, just because of a few loud mouths. Your memo to your staff is surely driven by nothing but PROFIT-and your own million dollar salary. You will see the loss of your Southern friends immediately, AS SOUTHERNERS STICK TOGETHER, and might just have to just move out of the largest airport in the world too! Good riddance to DELTA.


  4. Mr Bastian. I doubt that any of your employees or customers will have any difficulty voting because of the new Georgia voting law. It’s only the folks that can’t legally vote or can’t vote legally that will struggle. I was going to fly round trip from Orlando to Atlanta on Delta in May but I have decided to fly Spirit instead.

  5. Why in the world is Delta getting involved with politics?
    A voter ID card is not racist.
    Doesn’t Delta requires an ID card to fly?
    I am so disappointed with you.

  6. You require me to show an ID in order to board your plane but you will let a “non citizen” vote for someone for public office, you are OK with those in line to be bribed by offering them water & food to vote for their candidate, you are OK with ballet harvesting, & you trying to control AMERICAN CITIZENS IS LIKE COMMUNISIUM, SOCIALISM, & EVEN MARXIST. All of those instances go against the freedoms we Americans have fought for. If I deside to fly somewhere it will NOT be with Delta Air Lines.

  7. Delta taking a political position on Georgia’s recently-passed election law, including false claims regarding the contents of the law, damages Delta’s credibility.

    Delta’s business is flying, it is not politics.

    Delta’s customers are the people you’ve insulted and lied to. You have damaged your customers, your employees, the state you’ve called home for decades, and ultimately the integrity of democratic elections in Georgia, all in the name of wokeness and virtue signaling. Delta’s actions were stupid, and be assured that stupidity always provides its own rewards.

  8. Why do I need a photo ID to board one of your airplanes, but why don’t you think I need one to vote? You should stay out of politics.

  9. Delta airlines corporate leaders have no business in interfering in making decisions on Georgia voting laws. Delta airlines decision to hire pilots according to color and female gender shows how much that Delta airlines wants to please and bow down to the left and woke mentality and not to the safety of their passengers. Your corporation is corrupt in their thinking and deeds. Delta’s future and stock values will be on a steady decent from your bias, racist and corrupt decisions. I will not fly delta airlines again. I also do not think it is necessary to show identification when using Delta Airlines since Delta Airlines thinks that no one has to show identification to vote in an election in Georgia or any other state. Good bye Delta Airlines.

  10. We waited 9 hours in the queue waiting for customer service before we finally gave up. We’ve made other 2-hour tries to no avail. If you aren’t going to provide online ability to correct errors on a reservation, then you need to increase your Customer Care personnel.

    Please contact me at the email address I’m including below. I’m still desperate to correct my reservation.

  11. I truly rarely write complaints, but I just had to spend a total of 12 hours on hold with Delta customer service yesterday. Finally was able to speak to someone after midnight last night!!!! All I wanted to do was to make a correction to the spelling of a name in the reservaq! As a longtime Elite member, I was truly shock by this lack of customer service! This morning I called your corporate office, and guess what, the yound lady answered within about 2 minutes but then transferred me to someone in corporate customer relations…. and here I go again, on hold listensing to music!!!! Be on hold now for an hour!!!! I will be cancelling my AE Plantinum Card which is tied to Delta Elite, and NEVER fly Delta again for any reason if this is the level of acceptable service we can expect. So dang sad.

  12. 9 hours to wait and talk to customer service, no other airline is having these problems, what did you corporate people do with the bail out money from the government? I have flown your airline for years, but next month will be my last trip with this POS company, so sad you can’t correct this problem, damn good thing most American companies don’t operate like this, you bunch of clowns.


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