Deere Contact Information, Email Format, and CEO Email Address

Deere and company also very well known as John Deere is US’s heavy equipment manufacturing corporation with headquarters based out of Illinois, United States. The company where innovation has no end is a world famous agricultural brand involved in manufacturing of agricultural related heavy equipment like tractors, harvesters etc.

Deere & Company is listed at New York Stock Exchange as DE. Deere and Company is led under successful execution of CEO John May who is also the acting President of the company. Apart from agricultural sector, the company also manufactures heavy equipment for construction, forest and lawn and garden, Military and Government sales sector and Golf and sports turf etc.

Deere Headquarters
Deere Headquarters

Corporate Headquarters Contact

The Deere headquarters address is John Deere World Headquarters, One John Deere Place, Moline, Illinois 61265.

Securities analysts, portfolio managers, and financial institutions

The phone number for securities analysts, financial institutions, and portfolio managers is (309) 765-4491.

Media Contact

  • Corporate News Media:

Social Media Pages and Accounts

The following are verified pages and accounts on social media:

Geographical Network

The company’s presence can be felt all over the globe in more than 30 countries including India, China, Australia, Canada, Russia, South Africa, Finland, UK etc. The estimated revenue, assets, equity, income of the company for the year 2018 are US$ 37.357 billion, US$65.786 billion, US$9.557 billion and US$2.159 billion in order.

Major Sectors and Products

The major operations of company are not restricted just to manufacturing but also into financing and many other activities for retail and commercial customers. For better understanding let’s take a look at the major products of the company. Here we are giving the products of the company under four broad categories.

  1. Agricultural equipment- tractors, silage machines, sprayers, combine harvesters, cotton harvesters, balers, planters and seeders etc.
  2. Construction equipment- Grader, Backhoe, Excavator and Loader.
  3. Forestry equipment- skidders, feller bunchers, harvesters, forwarders, and log loaders.
  4. Other products- lawn mowers, snow throwers, axles, transmissions, snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicle.


Deere and Company is US’s fast growing heavy equipment industry, currently the company has more than 15 subsidiaries like Kemper (Germany), Waratah Forestry Attachment (New Zealand), Agreentech, NavCom Technology, Inc.(California), John Deere Electronic Solutions  QCFS and Consolidating (Iowa), PLA (Argentina), Hagie Sprayers, Ningbo Benye Tractor & Automobile Manufacture Co. Ltd.( China) etc. worldwide.

Article last re-published on March 20, 2020.

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  1. I worked in DoD Contracting 43 years working with R&D Engineering Staffs. We have a problem with the Hydraulic Stabilizer Valve cracking. P/N AT190330. I have inquired with the AG & Construction Dealerships. As I discovered, they are not contractually permitted to talk technically to each other. Your website referred me to them. They will sell me a new part for $2,300.00 – but cannot tell me why the valve cracks; which engineeringly speaking has not solved the cracked housing issue. PIP: *************. Moreover, I am not able to find a used P/N AT******. I reached out to “CFCUSTOMERSUPPORT” ; this is the response i got below

    “Thank you for contacting John Deere Hitachi. Unfortunately, we do not have technical support available through this site you would need to contact your local authorized John Deere Hitachi dealer for technical support. They would be your best point of contact as they have access to our Dealer Technical Assistance Center, and we do not. I have listed the dealer contact information down below for your convenience”.
    This is what I initially wrote to JD.

    Hello Ma’am/Sir,
    I own a 310SE Backhoe/loader.
    I need your help.
    PROBLEM: Leaking at the Stabilizer Valve after o rings seals have been replaced.
    BACKGROUND: I have been informed that the stabiliser valve develops cracks in the housing.
    PART NUMBER: AT190330 Stabilizer Assembly (Eaton Valve)
    CURRENT PRICE: $2,300.00
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    Is there a field fix/replacement part? What would cause the housing to crack. This why I am requesting your engineering expertise.
    Replacing the valve would be at best, “a band-aid” approach to a larger problem. Could the Hydraulic Operating Pressure be too high?
    I have through the years purchased and still own JD Tractors (430 Garden Tractor, 4010 Row Crop and now 310SE Backhoe/Loader). Your Founder stated in the early years of his company’s development that “He will not place his name on any equipment or product…” I have the entire set of DVDs showing the long proud line of JD Products. This why I purchased the 310SE Backhoe/Loader.
    The cost is somewhat steep and I would rather fix the problem before replacing the AT****** – only to have it crack again.
    Your help is of utmost importance, as we are trying to get our church property ready for building construction.
    Thank You and look forwarding in hearing from you soon!
    Marvin Bell
    Retired LTC USAR

    Please help. Thank you.

  2. I live in Crestview, Fl 32539 and own a 2017 John Deere 3032E which I enjoy with no complaints. Last year (2020) the local John Deere dealer dropped the franchise or the franchise dropped him. I was told by several people that John Deere was planning to open another dealership in the immediate Crestview area in the near future. At this time there is no sign or rumor that will happen. As the Crestview area is approximately 40 miles from the closest dealer it would really be helpful for a dealer to be located in the Crestview area.Are there any plans to bring a John Deere dealership back to the Crestview area. I sincerely hope so. Thank you for your time, concern and response.


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