Comcast Headquarters Address, CEO Email, and Contact Details

Comcast is a world famous American cable television and wireless service provider company. The company is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America. Roberts Family owns 1% equity interest and 33% voting power. The company is lead by Brian L Roberts since November 2002. AT&T, Sprint, Spectrum, Dish, and Verizon are their popular competitors in the United States of America. However, Comcast Corporation have good market share in the US.

In this article, we have provided headquarters contact info of Comcast Corporation including phone number and head office details. So, let’s see!

Comcast Headquarters
Comcast Headquarters

Comcast Headquarters Contact Information

Comcast Corporation is a large telecommunications company based in Philadelphia, PA, United States. They have good market share in the US. Please note down Comcast Corporate Headquarters Address: 500 Gravers Road Suite 3000 Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462, United States of America.

To get further information, general inquiry, or file a complaint with the higher authority in the company, please dial 1-610-828-3932.

Comcast Shareholder Services and Investor Relations

If you are a shareholder of Comcast and looking for contact details of transfer agent, please call them at their toll free 888-883-8903 (EQ Shareowner Services) and if you are based out of the United States of America, please call 651-554-3873.

If you are interested in sending written correspondence to transfer agent, you should use this mailing address, EQ Shareowner Services, P.O. Box 64874, St. Paul, MN 55164-0874.

You can also contact investor relations of Comcast Corporation at their office address, here it is, Comcast Corporation, One Comcast Center, Philadelphia, PA 19103. If you are looking for phone support for IR, please use this toll-free number 866-281-2100.

Comcast Media Contacts / Media Relations

If you are from media house i.e. newspaper, news magazine, online news portal or freelance journalist / reporter, you can contact media team of Comcast, their email IDs are, Jennifer Khoury: , John Demming: , Charlie Douglas:

If you are looking for more media personnel team members from Comcast, they are Kristen Gohr: , and Sena Fitzmaurice:

Comcast CEO Email Address

Do you have any query or want to raise an issue with the highest authority in the company’s executive side? Please get in touch with the CEO of Comcast Corporation. Please take a note of Comcast CEO Email Address

Comcast Business Contact Details

They have separate business department to handle all queries, to contact Comcast Business, you can directly dial at 855-319-0103. To get customer support (AVAILABLE 24/7, EXISTING CUSTOMERS), please use this customer service phone number (800) 391-3000.

If you are an owner of small & medium business enterprises (New Customers Only), please call at (855) 439-8603. You can get basic customer support for all queries related to small and medium business.

If you are having a enterprise business, and new customer, we encourage you to use this support number here (866) 429-0152 (New Customers Only).

Ethernet and PRI Trunks

If you are looking for customer support and care for Ethernet, we suggest you to check this customer support number (800) 741-4141. If you have any question or need to order one, please use this contact number (866) 429-0152 (Question & Ordering).

If you are interested in PRI trunks, we suggest you to check with customer care team of Comcast, their customer support number is (877) 543-3961 and Question & Ordering contact (866) 524-7482.

Business VoiceEdge®

If you are looking for support of Business VoiceEdge(R), we strongly suggest you to contact customer support through their customer support number (877) 761-7401. If you have some queries or concerns, please contact their question & ordering section (866) 429-2321.


If you are looking for customer support from teleworker (customer support), we strongly suggest you to try this contact number (866) 511-6489 (option 1).

Cloud Solutions

They offer cloud solutions to the customers in the United States. If you are looking for Customer Support & Care, we suggest you to call at (866) 950-3789. To call cloud solutions question & ordering, please use this number (855) 867-5010.


If you are looking for hospitality support from Comcast Corporation, we strongly suggest you to visit customer support number here (877) 229-5999. If you have some question or want to have information about ordering, please call at (855) 869-7188.

Business Solution Providers and Business Connectors

If you are looking for support for business connectors and business solution providers, we strongly advise you to contact Agent and Referral Programs Email at

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Social Media Pages and Accounts

They have verified social media pages and accounts. These are tick-marked pages. Visit their Facebook Page, Twitter Handle, and Instagram Account. You can follow their social media accounts to get latest updates, plans, and information.

Article last re-published on October 4, 2020.

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24 thoughts on “Comcast Headquarters Address, CEO Email, and Contact Details”

  1. Cable was out for at least 3 hours!!! How much are you taking off my bill??? Sent email to support, did not go thru!! Finally reached support by phone , man named Louie from the Philippines!! What do pay these people? Louie did good, got my set working, give him a raise!! Take money off my bill! 3 hours no service.

  2. Re joined Comcast 2 weeks ago. Service disconnected without any prior communication from Comcast before disconnection then no one could explain reason after being disconnected. I spoke with at least 6 individuals including frontline agents and ESL agents. Still no explanation. This is my que to not do business with Comcast nor do I recommend their corporation…

    • I agree, I’m a single mom, my work hours were reduced due to Covid-19 since May, then I was diagnosed positive with Covid-19 on July 10th. I’m still out from work recovering from Covid-19 as of today August 7th. I communicated with Comcast for 2 months first regarding my work situation then with my health issues. My internet was temporary suspended on July 31st because I was past due and owed $144.00. I borrowed $144.00 on August 6th to pay my bill to enable my son to have internet access for school. Comcast reconnected my internet then when my son woke up on Friday August 7th to do his online school work no internet. Comcast disconnected the Iinternet and when I called Comcasts 1-800 number I no longer have an account. Had I known their intentions was to just get me to pay my over due bill then disconnect my internet entirely. I would’ve gotten another internet provider with the $144 I borrowed and pay my comcast bill once I recovered from Covid-19 and return back to work. Now my son will be behind in his school work I’ll have to drive him around town and hopefully find some free hot spots to enable him to complete his schoolwork

  3. One of your employees is dealing in cocaine, marijuana, and buying prostitutes while in your company van. He is currently here in Jacksonville Florida, at the In Town Suites motel in room 337 with a prostitute. He is a African American Male, approximately 6 ft tall, freckles, and drives your company van with license plate number Florida tags KZU D92. Do a hair sample drug test on him and you will see all the drugs he has in his system. I work intelligence with the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, and he is using your equipment to hack into GOVERNMENT accounts and other people’s wifi and social media. Is this the kind of service you provide for Florida? I want him fired, and a failed drug test on his record.

  4. I have experienced Error Code XRE-03059 for 3 weeks. I have 19 channels that consistently show this code. Your customer support has conducted 9 Box Restarts/System Restarts; I have had to move heavy furniture to unhook and unplug cables and power cords; an Outside Technician came and could not fix the problem. I am at a loss for words because – No Resolution In 3 Weeks – No Channels For 3 Weeks!! I’m constantly told that no one can come inside to service your equipment because of Covid-19. What is the resolution?

  5. I would like to know why non paying “customers” that received the free internet without having an account receive free internet from Comcast for the rest of the year while PAYING customers will be charged regular rates. I am still working from home due to COVID and have been told I will pay $10.00 extra per 50 GB I go over. Yet people who aren’t paying at all get free internet for the year 2020 during “these hard times”. This was in an email sent to me Thursday July 16th. Labeled as “An update from our CEO on support of our community”. Maybe I can get an answer here, if not I’m sure the news outlets will want a fresh story.

  6. I’m tired of intermittent service outages (Internet and TV, sometimes even the phone joins in the fun) and calling your company to sit on hold for 30+ minutes only to speak with someone who can’t (or maybe it’s won’t) help fix the issue. I’ve spent over 15 hours trying to get this resolved and have had issues for better than 1/2 of the month of June. Why, when I pay you a couple hundred dollars a month are we dealing with this issue when you’re giving away service for free to so many people. We are the ones paying your salary, help us !

  7. Called Comcast several times. Got call-back several times but no one on the line. TV was out but got fixed. Now the remote only works to turn on/off TV or adjust sound. Cannot change station. Cannot talk to remote.
    Cannot leave a phone message for Comcast or get an agent. Can find nothing on-line for help.

    Joy Sokeitous
    Account #
    5585 New Pine Lake Drive, Fort Myers, FL 33907

  8. I always receive abhorrently poor service from Comcast, to the point my son and I were recently required to set up our own cable and internet. We experienced nothing but blocks and visited the local Comcast store four times and I spent hours on the phone wading through the equipment, wires and connection errors. In the end we did not get what we wanted, and I was advised my account was NOT set for auto payments which it most certainly was! Either the folk at the store are too dumb to know what to tell customers or Comcast internally does not train them well. One of them gave me a cable box and told me it was an internet modem.

  9. Telephone lines were knocked down by thunderstorm on7/5/20. Have been calling agents for 6 consecutive days to have someone come. Have been rescheduled on 4 different occasions. These wires are the responsibility of Comcast. Telephone lines are across my yard. NEED HELP IMMEDIATELY

  10. My mother is 89 years old, lives in Sr. Housing and in the time of Covid, her cable and TV is all she has. She has a Signature triple play package with Showtime and Epix. which she pays $234.64 per month. I called customer service on Friday to add all the movie channels per her request. I was told she could have that package, HBO. Showtime Cinemax, Start and Epix , for $250 per month. She could also have DVR and increased modem speed , I explained that she does not have a computer and does not use the DVR so those features have no value to us. I was told for that package they were included regardless. I went to her house today to ask how she like the additional movie channel and she said she did not have them . I was able to verify that she did not. I spent to hours on the phone with customer service , then spoke with a Supervisor named Joe, who told me no such packaged exist. I asked her for old package back and was told it was not available. So now my 89 year old mother is forced to pay $250 per month for services she cannot use and channels she lost and if she wants all the movie channels she will need to pay another $20 per months. This is bait and switch, taking advantage of the elderly and deceptive practices. I asked Joe for his last name to have reference to my call but he said he was not able to provide it. I asked for the recording of my call last Saturday to be reviewed . This is the worst service and elderly abuse of a cable company that I have ever seen. I have Charter , 5 TV, phone full cable with HBO and Show time and pay $180m per month. I have asked twice for a Sr. Citizen discount for her and never received the information .
    Is this how you treat a 10 year elderly customer??? Yes because you are a Billionaire who does not care about individual customers . I will be contacting the FCC. If this issue is not resolved to my mother’s request. I will provide her name and account number when you reply to me

    • Well as expected, Tom never called me back and NO ONE replied to my email. Is this the level of services you provide?

  11. I have been on hold for 1:13: 15 bounced around from one agent to another to simply resolve my continuous concerns with my outages. I have Internet, cable, and security it all depends on my internet. the following are a list of agents that I have spoken to at Comcast who have bounced me around not wanting to truly resolve the issue. Not sure what being connect with a supervisor, team lead, manager is so difficult.
    -Punam: universal Agent
    -Colisa: universal Agent
    – Winston: “collection Supervisor
    – Renae: billing specialist

    Finally, I was advised by Renae- billing specialist that she will have a Supervisor to call me back 24-48 hours!

    For the cost of services that Comcast/Xfinity charges the least a 10 year customer can receive is an “ok” customer service. To be dealt with in this manner for simply requesting to speak to a supervisor is a joke.

    I expect my issues to be resolved otherwise, I will be more than happy after 10+ years to take my money somewhere else. We are in 2020…. your agents need to learn about customer service, SLA, call queue etiquette and warm transfers.

  12. I am having telephone problems. My phone rings one time and when you answer it you get only the dial tone. This has been going on for over a week. I have left three call back number but some reason Comcast is not returning my calls. When I call the 800 number I get the computer which checks my system and then tell me it needs to reset the modem because of issues. What do I have do to get problem fix??? I did a online chat yesterday with not luck fixing my problem and was told Comcast would call me within 24 hrs. Well that time has passed and no call back.

  13. Comcast has the worst smart agent if you ever need to talk to a live agent. The system is designed to block you from talking to an agent and is the most frustrating experience one could ever had. Being somewhat of a technology company who provides internet service, I would be embarrased. The customer support experience is nothing short of horrific.

  14. I paid my bill 08/04/2020; I have a new bill for the same account/amount dated as due 08/22/2020. It also looks like it has been changed to automatic withdrawal which I did not sign up for. I want to know why it seems like this has happened. About 3 months or so ago the bill went up $19 or $20 per month. Why?

  15. My cable and phone has been off and on for the past three days. Trying to get in touch with an agent is frustrating. I am a senior citizen and I need my phone. The cable went back on, but my phone was out. I finally got through to someone and they told me they could have someone out Saturday, which would be 3 days without a phone. My phone finally went on so I cancelled the Saturday appointment. Needless to say, the very next day it went out again for maybe a half hour. This is very disturbing. They should have an emergency crew come out for senior citizens and handicapped individuals who depend on their phone. Plus the fact they keep you on hold for an eternity and when you get to talk to someone they really don’t know what the hell to do. I have been a customer for years, but I am seriously considering switching. I also think senior citizens should be treated a little better by Comcast. They should get a break on their bill. They said they were going to credit me for my inconvenience. I hope it is worth my while. Thank you for at least reading this e-mail. (I hope you are reading it).

  16. I have sent the following email to News stations in Miami.

    Hello WSVN,
    Hope you are having a better day than I am. I work from home during this pandemic and manage and Ad Agency of about 30 people. I use Xfinity for my Internet, TV and Phone service. I pay extra to have the fastest internet service. My wife is a school teacher of History at Herbert A. Ammons Middle School in Miami. My granddaughter is in kindergarten at Bent Tree Elementary and my daughter in law works from home with the school system as well. As you can imagine our Internet access is crucial to all of us in this household.

    Today at noon, we were all working online including my wife in the middle of a zoom conference with her 15 + kids and all of a sudden we all get disconnected. Now, I understand acts of god like a storm or a malfunction of some kind. But, when it is an act complete negligence by workers who represent Comcast and then when confronted show no empathy as a matter of fact, show arrogance, it’s hard to deal with that. I asked them what was going on outside my house as they were digging a whole near my cable junction box. I find out that they cut the main lines that left many in my complex in Kendale Lakes Villas without any TV, Phone or Internet. I asked again, and nonchalantly they said we cut the lines, that happens all the time. I asked are you going to tell anyone or call Comcast to fix it? They said nah, why don’t you call them. I said I didn’t cut the cable you did. Not a single sorry or any remorse about cutting it. I proceeded to explain all the people in this house and i am sure in general in my complex really need Internet service to make a living, or teach, or attend school or even manage a business of which they didn’t have a care in the world.

    I called Comcast myself and after 1:45 minutes on a call with Comcast, they tell me that they are going to send someone between 10 and 12 tomorrow. When the workers were about to leave, they started to cover the hole where they cut the wires and I made them leave it until some other guys get here tomorrow. If I didn’t go out there they would have just covered it without saying anything. Their service and lack of any kind of empathy is appalling in today’s climate considering the pandemic and so forth. I wanted to tell someone about it cause i am flabbergasted at the horrible customer service and their uncaring ways.

    Don’t know what you can do with this story but needed to let someone know.

    Anthony Marino

  17. at this time with the covid. people out of work stuck in home and you have the nerve to take most ppular shows from hgtv and switch to discover whatever for a fee of 4.99 people are staving homelss whatever and a few of us barely making it you charge us for the most popular things we watch why not take some of the chanels no one watches off you make us think we are getting big deal with some of those stations no one watches. I have been with you 20yrs never thought it would get this bad SHAME on you did you have somewhere you want us to go to give you our blood. I am sure you will not have a reply to change this

  18. Due to covid Comcast never resolved my issue i was out of service and they could not figure out why i reached out and they said i am fine to take equipment back i did come to find out i receive a letter 1/20 sending me to collection i have never pay my bill late and i spoke to numerous rept and manger and everything was good so i taught until i receive this letter i need this issue resolve ASAP

  19. I am paying for two (2) lines in my home. A phone Line and a Fax line. My FAX Line has been crossed with a phone line and I am unable to use my FAX. I contacted Repairs and was given a W.O. # for today, 03-25-2021 between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm. I was told that Comcast would be checking the outside LINES from my House to the Electrical Post Lines; and the repairman would be coming inside to check the inside home lines and would be wearing a mask. I informed, “Ashley” that both my husband and I will be wearing masks and that we have been FULLY VACCINATED and have not been in touch with anyone testing positive. We understood the 6 ft distance at all times, etc. At around 11:45 am a very rude, Central Office Agent telephoned me stating Comcast does not come out to check outside lines they are not Comcast lines (which is false). Also, that Comcast does not come into the home under any circumstances due to COVID-19. He also asked questions that he should know if he had access to my account. I pay bills on time, never late, and have been with Comcast for years and note it takes an act of Congress to get Repairs. My FAX problem started when Comcast was in our subdivision working on the lines, the lines that Comcast Agent stated is not their lines I AM PAYING COMCAST XFINITY MONTHLY FOR SERVICES I AM NOT RECEIVING!! COMCAST NEED TO GET SOMEONE OUT TO MY HOME ASAP. I am being inconvenienced and Comcast is costing me expenses by refusing services that I am paying for. RESPONSE REQUESTED.


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