CenturyLink Headquarters Information, Contact Details, and Email Format

CenturyLink is a world famous telecommunications company, headquartered in Monroe, Louisiana, United States of America. It is listed on the New York Stock Exchange with stock name CTL. The company is lead by the Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Storey since May 2018. The company is engaged in various services such as cloud solutions, managed services, network services, security, communications, voice, and other. The company is also included in the list of Fortune 500 companies.

In this article, we have provided headquarters contact information CenturyLink including CEO email address, email format, corporate headquarters, and more. So, let’s see!

CenturyLink Headquarters
CenturyLink Headquarters

CenturyLink Corporate Headquarters Information

Are you looking for exact corporate headquarters information about CenturyLink? You are arrived at the right place. Please note down CenturyLink Headquarters Address: 100 CenturyLink Drive Monroe, LA 71203, United States of America. You can send your query, question, feedback, suggestion, and any other things to this mailing address. Please take prior appointment before visiting this corporate headquarters.

Do you want to talk with CenturyLink headquarters staff on telephone? If yes, then please note down CenturyLink Corporate Office Phone Number: 1-318-388-9000.

Find Best Plans and Get More Info

If you are looking for information about several plans of CenturyLink, then please dial 866-642-0444 during Monday to Friday. You can contact customer support team from CenturyLink on that number from 7am to 9pm.

CenturyLink Customer Support Team and Advocacy Team

If you have contacted customer service support team and not satisfied there, please dial 318-388-9800 to talk with Customer Advocacy Team.

You can submit your complaint, or suggestion to their email address. Please note down Customer Advocacy and Support Email Address: execservices@centurylink.com

CenturyLink HR Email and Contact Info

Are you looking for information about HR and other things at CenturyLink? Then you are arrived at the right place. For information related to HR compliance, please note down HR compliance email address: HRCompliance@centurylink.com

CenturyLink Shareholder Services and IR Contact

Are you looking information about shareholder services, transfer agent and IR? If yes, we have covered all of it. Please note down transfer agent phone number: 800-969-6718 (Computershare Investor Services, LLC).

To submit your query related to IR, please note down CenturyLink IR Email Address: investor.relations@centurylink.com

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Social Media Accounts and Pages

To follow, like or subscribe to CenturyLink social media profiles, then please note down their URLs: Twitter Handle, YouTube Channel, Instagram Profile, and Facebook Page. These are verified pages and handles with tick mark. YouTube channel is also verified with tick mark.

Article Title: CenturyLink Headquarters Information, Contact Details, and Email Format
Article first published on August 26, 2020.

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6 thoughts on “CenturyLink Headquarters Information, Contact Details, and Email Format”

  1. I need someone to call me back about when the internet in my area will be upgraded last March they said it would be late summer, now spring and no sign.

  2. I need someone to call me about horrible customer service, transferred 6 times. My modem is ancient and needs to be replace, but your reps think that they are made out of gold and won’t send me one. I have and have had issues with my internet lines for several YEARS and nothing has been done and I have made many complaints to the FCC, but still nothing has been done. My download speeds are at 3.3 mbs per second and my upload speed is 0.4mbs. Also I have requested as form for Lifeline over a month ago and it still hasn’t arrived. We are trying to run my husband’s trucking business and I am trying to go to graduate school over inferior internet lines and equipment. We were promised 2 years ago that this issue with the lines would be fixed, we even saw someone measuring for the new line, but nothing ever came of it. We were told that there wasn’t any money in the budget for it, but you can sure put lines in the new subdivisions that are going up all around me. Please, we can’t get any other internet or phone service where we are located except for CenturyLInk. This is not acceptible.

  3. Good afternoon,

    We have been trying to get CenturyLink set-up at are new home in San Tan Valley Az.

    We have trying to get this done since April 7, 2021.

    We have had contractors on site very time they said they have been there.

    The only thing they have to do Run it from the Pole and to the house. There is anything they need to do inside the house and for some reason they can not get on the property.

    Today the Century Link Tech passed my contractor saying they were there to hook it up and it still did not get done.

    We have had 5 appts and anything has ever been done.

    We made another appt today for Monday 17th of May 2021.

    Please let me know if you received this email.


  4. As a professional with well over 25 years in my line of work, I normally can let certain things slide pertaining to customer service, this morning? The time has come.

    I recently purchased a new home in the Olive Branch, MS area and the neighborhood seems to only have Centurylink. I applied for service, internet service that is, and set up a date for installation.

    Things went left super fast.

    The first date of service, no one came. My wife and myself, two individuals with high profile jobs in the region rescheduled our meetings, changed our 2 year old daughters routine etc just to accommodate the installation and never received a phone call, time of arrival, etc. We waited all day but to no avail. Couldn’t believe it.

    I then call and got another date of installation. Which was today, May 10, 2021. I even took it upon myself to call Centurylink at 8am this morning regarding the day and time and the person informed me that the dispatch ticket was out. I waited, and no one showed up, until I looked at my door and noticed a door handle that stated someone had been by. This can’t be real life.

    Let me be clear, I have VIVINT home security, no one rang a door bell nor knocked.The alert would have picked up the person. I actually noticed the tech thru the window and attempted to run after him……… Didn’t work. Imagine your neighbors on the golf course watching you run after a truck that is there to give you simply access to services you applied for?

    I took it upon myself to ONCE AGAIN call Centurylink and request another date. May 13, 2021.

    I informed the customer service agent, who was pleasant, that I would be sitting outside of my beautiful new home on the front porch the entire day of May 13, 2021 for the tech to show up. Neighbors will probably think I am weird by then. She then began to tell me that my email address, contact info etc all belonged to a person named Jessica????? I almost called my mom to be sure my name is Darian…… So weird. She also says she called the tech and he said he thought he knocked??????


    I am starting to think that Centurylink doesn’t want my business. I also want it to be known that I personally believe that the installers don’t want to do the work of installation. I informed her that I DID NOT want that tech to come back to my home. I want another one. With some integrity.

    Today I took off of work, waited in my garage the ENTIRE day. No one showed up. I called customer service every hour on the hour. The tech was due to come out and never did. Guess what the excuse was?? ?The tech truck broke down. Nevermind me seeing the driver once again drive off.

    Consider me frustrated to say the least.

    • I know how you feel. My internet went down 2 months ago. Started having trouble before that, but I complained the first time 2 months ago. I got no where with our local office. I called the customer advocacy group. What a joke that was. They sent someone out to my house. They said there was something wrong with the main feed into my neighborhood. I haven’t heard from anyone since. And that was 2 weeks ago. The customer advocate won’t even reply to my emails. I haven’t even been rude to them. You are 100% correct. They don’t care about their customers at all. Either that or they are too stupid to understand how their own system works and how to fix it. I’m really not sure at this point.

  5. Well out here we have no cell phone service but I have had a land line with the now Century Link for the last 50 years and each time we have no phone I have to go to the city ( as we are in a dead zone out here in the country)and call repair. I have called and been on the phone waiting for 30 minutes or more each time. I even had my sister who lives in Florida call as I have no phone. The man told her that the state of missouri was out and that they would have the problem fixed by 8 or 10 o’clock this morning…Well it is now 2 o’clock and the phone is still dead…My phone also covers my heart monitor (i sent in a request for emergency service a number of times (dr approval) and always got back that “we need more information” as I am used to your foul-up I just gave up. I WOULD CHANGE PHONE COMPANY’S IF ONE WAS OFFERED but that’s not possible as CENTURY LINK is the onlly phone company in rural Dearborn Missouri PLEASE SEE IF YOU CAN GET THIS PROBLEM SETTLED as I need the PHONE


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