Booking Holdings Headquarters Address

Booking Holdings

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Booking Holdings Headquarters Address

If you are looking for Booking Holdings Headquarters contact information, please refer the given information. Please note down the complete Booking Holdings Headquarters Address: 800 Connecticut Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06854. You can use this address for your correspondence, mails, or visits. It is suggested to seek an official appointment for the said visits.

HQ Phone Number

We are also listing Booking Holdings Headquarters Telephone for your reference, please dial 203 299 8000.

CEO Email Address

For contacting CEO Mr. Glenn Fogel, you may share your concern by writing to CEO at his official email address. Here is the Booking Holdings CEO’s Email We suggest approaching the CEO for only high-priority matters or concerns. If you have a general inquiry or concern that can be routed to customer support, please avoid sending it to the CEO.

IR Contacts

Need assistance for your investments or holdings in the company, Booking Holdings IR team contacts are mentioned here. Feel free to get in touch for inquiries or accounts regarding investments. You may send your queries to Booking Holdings IR Address: 800 Connecticut Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06854.

If your queries can be resolved over the phone, you may call the IR team at 203 299 8806.

Press Contacts

For media-related discussions or news, press member can send their request to Booking Holdings Media Address, note down the address: 800 Connecticut Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06854. Media persons can also get in touch with the company’s Media Relations by Phone: 203 299 8431 or send an email:

Customer Service Email

For general queries and concerns, you may get in touch with the customer service team by email. Please note down Booking Holdings Customer Service Email Contacts: and

Email Format

Please note down the following email format of Booking Holdings:

  • first ‘.’ last (Example: Usage: 100%


Booking Holdings is a leading travel services company that offers online ease of making travel arrangements to customers through its different brands and services. The headquarters of Booking Holdings is based out of Norwalk, Connecticut, United States. The company is registered with NASDAQ, if you are interested in the company’s stocks, you can refer to its stock symbol BKNG at NASDAQ.

The company’s major brands are quite popular and are known by the names-, Open Table, KAYAK, Priceline,, and If you are looking for online travel bookings and related services, you may go through these mentioned booking portals.

Quick Contacts

Booking Holdings Headquarters Address800 Connecticut Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06854
CEO Email

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