Audi Headquarters Address (Global and USA), CEO Email Address and More

Audi Headquarters

Audi is one of the most popular automobile manufacturers of premium luxury cars in the world. The company headquarters are established at Ingolstadt, Germany. The major operation of the company involves designing, engineering, manufacturing and distribution of luxury vehicles, the company has about 13 production units in 10 countries. To follow company’s stocks you may look for Stock symbol NSU at FWB (Frankfurt Stock Exchange).

The premium cars of Audi are one of the most admired cars in the world and can be found not just in Germany but all over the world. Some of the equally popular and admired Subsidiary companies of Audi are Lamborghini, Audi Sport GmbH, Ducati and Italdesign Giugiaro. Coming to Audi Headquarters Contact Information, please refer the coming section for contact related info.

Audi Headquarters
Audi Headquarters

Audi Global Headquarters Address and Phone Number

Audi Global Headquarters are located in Ingolstadt Germany. You may send your important mails or correspondence or concerns to Headquarters officers at their mailing address. Here is the complete info of Audi Global Headquarters Mailing Address: AUDI AG, Ettinger Straße 70, 85057 Ingolstadt, Germany.

To call at Audi Global Headquarters, please call at Phone Number: +49-841-89-0. If you wish to share your request or concern in written format, you may also use the fax option, you can send your request at Fax: +49-841-89-44040 or write an email at:

Audi US Headquarters Address and Phone Number

Are you searching for Audi US headquarters contact info? If yes, please send your concerns at Audi US Headquarters Address; please write down the full mailing address: Audi of America LLC, 2200 Ferdinand Porsche Dr, Herndon VA 20171, United States.

You can also connect with staff at Audi US Headquarters Address on the official Phone Line: (888) 237-2834.

Audi CEO Email Address

To connect with CEO of the company for matters that are highly important or urgent or for those which needs CEO’s approval, please send an email to CEO Markus Duesmann. Here is Audi CEO Email Address:

Audi Press Contacts / Media Relations

Do you belong to any media group or work for press? For assistance regarding media, please get in touch with Audi Press Contacts / Media Relations authorities through the listed contact information. You can send your request at this mailing address: I/GP, Ettinger Straße, 85045 Ingolstadt, Germany. Please note down the contact info of Audi Press Contacts / Media Relations:

  • Contact Dirk Arnold (Head of Audi Communications Department), Phone +49 841 89 92033
  • Contact Mira Dechant (Assistant Head of Communications) on Mobile Phone +49 152 58830380 or email:

To contact Corporate Communication (Headquarters Office), please note down the contact details:

  • Please contact Antje Maas (Director Corporate Communications) on Phone: +49 841 89 34084 or Mobile: +49 151 16806635 or email at:
  • Contact Andrea Baldus (Spokeswoman Finance and Legal Affairs) on phone: +49 841 89 41427 or Mobile: +49 152 57719765 or email
  • Contact Johanna Barth (Spokeswoman Human Resources and Organization) on Phone: +49 841 89 989190 or Mobile +49 152 58831792 or email at:
  • Contact Sina Clemendt (Spokeswoman Sales and Marketing) on Mobile: +49-152-57718455 or email at:
  • Contact Kathrin Feigl (Spokeswoman Production and Logistics) on Phone: 49 841 89 45751 or Mobile: +49 151 27736518 or email at:
  • Contact Sebastian Fischer (Spokesman Lifestyle and Marketing) on Phone: +49 841 89 40560 or Mobile: +49 151 43813796 or email at:
  • Contact Daniela Henger (Spokeswoman Human Resources and Organization) on Phone: +49 841 89 44491 or Mobile: +49 151 43861824 or email at:
  • Contact Sabrina Kolb (Spokeswoman Procurement and Sustainability) on Phone: +49 841 89 42048 or Mobile: +49 152 57715666 or email at:
  • Contact Lisa Niermann (Spokeswoman Finance and IT) on Phone: +49 841 89 982842 or Mobile: +49 152 57768507 or email at:
  • Contact Elise Pham (Spokeswoman Corporate Communications) on Mobile: +49 841 89-48168 or email at:
  •  Contact Sabine Taner (Spokeswoman Production and Logistics) on Phone: +49 841 89 42505 or Mobile +49 151 64122503 or email at:

Article first published on November 25, 2020.

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