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They have world – class corporate headquarters, located in Seattle, WA. They have large corporate campus / corporate offices to handle their business spread around the world. Please take a note of Amazon Corporate Headquarters Address: 410 Terry Ave. North, Seattle, WA, 98109-5210. Please use this corporate headquarters address as Mailing Address for very important mails only. Please do not send simple or ordinary queries to this mailing address.

How do I get in touch with Amazon Headquarters?

To get in touch with the corporate headquarters, here is the address of Amazon’s headquarters: 410 Terry Ave. North, Seattle, WA 98109-5210. The company is very active in solving customers’ issues related to damaged products, undelivered products, bad delivery experiences, and more.

Amazon Headquarters

Amazon Headquarters, Photo Credit: Amazon

HQ Phone Number

To talk with the staff of Amazon Corporate Headquarters, please dial 1-206-266-1000. This is a general inquiry phone number only. You may not able to talk with the CEO.

IR Contact

The contact number or phone number of investor relations of Amazon Inc. is 1-800-522-6645. If you want to send a letter to IR, then please use P.O. Box 81226, Seattle, WA 98108-1226 as mailing address.

If you want to contact investor relations of Amazon through email, kindly use this email address

Customer Support Details

If you are searching for customer service number of Amazon on internet, then you are at right place. The Amazon Customer Service Number is 1800 3000 9009. For issues with your Amazon account, such as a billing dispute, then please email at

The Amazon customer service phone number is 1-888-280-4331. For General Inquiries, please email at

Press Contact

If you are from media house, kindly email at for PR and email at for Amazon Web Services PR.

CEO Email Address

If you are not satisfied with Amazon customer support team as well as with higher authority, please get in touch with the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Please take a note of CEO Email ID:

email format | emails

Are you looking for email format of Do you want to share your concern directly with them? Please take note down the email format as below:

  •, (Usage 69.13%)
  •, (Usage 15.00%)
  •, (Usage 13.46%)

The Amazon is available in several languages and available to everyone. In last one decade, increased their market share in revenue. This happened due to new schemes, new deals, best incentives to affiliate marketing experts, and much more.

About is a world-class e-commerce company, headquartered in Seattle, United States. Do you want to buy a good quality hepa air purifier? Not only hepa air purifier but Amazon is a global destination for buying mobile phones, fashion clothes, and many other products. Amazon has completely changed the online shopping habit. Amazon is now one of the best online retail companies in USA. has a major market share in top e-commerce websites in the United States. Thanks to customer-centric policy of the company, it is included in best online shopping websites in USA.

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Quick Contacts Headquarters Address 410 Terry Ave. North, Seattle, WA, 98109-5210
CEO Email Address

Amazon Inc.

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2 Responses

  1. Ruth Ann Wilson says:

    Amazon has repeatedly locked me out of my acount beginning with an email of 2/7/22 for 6 mos. & now has closed my account.
    I want my account re-opened (this was Amazon’s error) & my membership extended for 6 months since I have not had access to the account for over 6 months.
    There was no unauthorized access to my account. Every time that Amazon thought it was unauthorized, they sent something to my phone or tablet & I responded that I was accessing my own account. No one was unauthorized. No one else has my sign-in information. I have trouble with my computer & have had to access the account from multiple devices. But since I log in & verify via phone message, that should not be a problem.
    I am convinced that no one with any ability to resolve this situation at Amazon actually reads my correspondence, listens to my complaint, or cares a hoot.
    This is Amazon’s error & they are responsible to fix it.
    I paid for Prime Membership & need access to my purchase history & to be able to make purchases & make changes on my Fire tablets.I am not receiving what I paid for. I purchased 2 Gift Prime Memberships in mid-February (when I was briefly able to access the account) which I am unable to access since I am locked out of the account. Then recently Amazon sent an email requesting that I update my payment information on the account (which, of course, I cannot access) so that they can bill me for Prime membership for the coming year.
    No one with any ability to remedy this situation is listening to me. Customer service has no ability to help.
    I consider this to be fraud.
    I have spoken with customer service reps who ALL told me that they would submit tickets to the account specialist deparment on approximately the following dates:
    3/2/22. The customer service rep on 3/2/22 told me that there was no record that any of the previous reps who supposedly “helped” me had submitted any such ticket request, but that she herself would surely do so.
    4/6/22 (twice)
    7/2/22–Georgina with US Leadership Team who filed an appeal with account specialist department to re-open account and to anticipate a response within 3-5 business days. It had been 10 days with no response re: appeal. And I am unable to purchase anything on Prime Day despite 6 months of frustration.
    7/12/22–10:20 a.m. spoke with supervisor Laz who said he was with an account specialist who would resolve the problem within 3 hours (by 1:30 p.m.)so that I could make purchases.
    7/12/22–5 hours later–No email. Account still locked. Spoke with US Leadership Team Charlene who told me that she would submit paperwork to account specialist department.
    7/13/22 I got an email to which I responded. I got another of the emails telling me my account is closed.
    Brief summary of the runaround I have been given for 6 months:
    Initially (February) I was told that the problem was that I had 2 accounts open although one had no activity on it. I was told that they would close that account & that that would resolve the issue. It did not.
    Then I was told that because the account sign-in was my email address and did not match my legal name on the payment method (master card gift card) that THAT probably caused me to be locked out, but that they would restore access to the account. The access was short-lived.
    Then I was told that there was an algorithm issue at Amazon related to paying via (master card) gift cards and that they were “working on it.” Initially I was told NOT to open a new account.
    Later I was told to open a new account but that I would not have access to my purchase history.
    Each time I was told that an account specialist would contact me to resolve the problem. So each time I waited to no avail–no call. Only repeated copies of the same emails (indicating that no account specialist has ever bothered to read about the actual situation–that NO ONE HACKED my account!!!
    Each time I got unsigned account specialist blanket emails with instructions to contact customer service which did not resolve anything (more promises, more waiting, no resolution, more emails looping me in circles to customer service who made more promises and so on and so on, ad infinitum).
    And here I still sit, more than 6 months later, same situation and no progress whatsoever.
    On 3 or 4 occasions after I was (temporarily) given access to the account, I placed purchase orders, only to be notified that the orders had been cancelled and the account locked again. (However, purchases for Gift Prime Membership WERE processed, while other attempted purchases were cancelled, and I was again locked out & unable to access the Gift Prime Memberships. Interesting.)
    Great way to do business…_
    Please resolve this immediately & RSVP accordingly. I need my same account to be re-opened as that is what I have paid for.
    Thank you.

  2. Evonda Hamm says:

    Hi, My name is Evonda Hamm, and I have an Amazon Sellers account. I have been through the wringer trying to get both of my accounts back up. First, they deactivated my Amazon account where I purchase things. I wanted to buy my grandson an Xbox the other day and I couldn’t because my account was deactivated. What does one account have to do with the other?  I kept calling and sending forms, and I still could not get into my account for about 2 weeks. If they deactivate your account there is no way you can reach anybody that can help you with your Amazon Sellers account. (So they say) I could not even click on the links that they were sending me because it would just take me to my deactivated account. Now they sent me an email stating that my account is now reinstated, but now I still can’t get into my Amazon sellers account because every time I log into my account, it asks me what my Marketplace is. My marketplace is the United States. It has every country except the United States. I keep calling and asking for help but no one can help me. I can’t contact the Amazon Seller through emails because I can’t get into my account. I pay for this account and it is ridiculous that nobody can help me. Can someone please help with getting me back into my account?

    P.S. They are still holding my funds that I made from my sellers account.

    Thank you

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