Allstate Headquarters Address, CEO Email Address, and Contact Information

Allstate Company is a US based financial company headquartered in Northfield Township, IL. The company’s initial business was just insurance services only and later on expanded into the financial corporation. The company provide financial services including the insurance products, wealth advisory and other things.

The company’s estimated revenue was US$39.815 billion (2018) and listed at the rank 79 in Fortune’s 500 Large US Corporations. Let’s see headquarters contact information of Allstate including corporate headquarters address, customer support contacts and claim assistance contact info.

Allstate Headquarters
Allstate Headquarters

Allstate Headquarters Contact Information

Allstate company is based in Northfield Township, Illinois, United States. They have good presence across the US with offices in several cities. For any important matter (especially the thing not solved by the customer support), please get in touch with corporate headquarters, here is the headquarters address, 2775 Sanders Road Suite A3 Northbrook, IL 60062 United States.

For any important matter or topic, please dial corporate office on this telephone number 1-847-402-5000 OR 847-402-3755 Ext: 23755.

Allstate Important Mailing Addresses

For any overnight payments, please use this mailing address: Allstate Payments, 2012 Corporate Lane Suite 108, PO Box 4310, Naperville, Illinois 60563.

For any general inquiries, please use this mailing address: Allstate Insurance Company, P.O. Box 660598, Dallas, TX 75266-0598.

For any queries/questions related to auto insurance claims, please use this mailing address: Allstate Insurance Company, P.O. Box 660636, Dallas, TX 75266.

Important General Inquiry Numbers

The Allstate general inquiry phone number is 1-877-810-2920. For Hearing impaired, kindly call on 1-800-877-8973.

Newsroom Contact / Press Contacts

You can contact Allstate newsroom or media inquiry through call on (847) 402-5600 / (847) 226-8235 (Outside Business Hours Only) and email address is

Please do not send any customer queries/questions to this email address. This email address can only be used by the journalists, press reporters or the members of media house.

Allstate Customer Support

Are you an existing customer of Allstate and have any query? If yes, please dial 1-800-ALLSTATE (1-800-255-7828) to talk with the customer support team of Allstate.

Allstate Support Contact Details

The Allstate Access 24/7 Support Phone number is 1-800-ALLSTATE.

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Article last re-published on February 17, 2021.

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8 thoughts on “Allstate Headquarters Address, CEO Email Address, and Contact Information”

  1. To whom it may concern,

    I, Chris Ngo, am an insured under Allstate’s auto policy. I was with my family in South Carolina, for my late mother’s memorial.
    On August 4th, while I was there, a hurricane came overnight and raised the sea water level to such a degree that it flooded all cars in the vicinity including mine, a Cadillac Escalade Premium 4WD SUV. The following morning, I checked on my car and noticed that all of its warning lights stayed on with running engine. (I witnessed that countless other cars in the area had experienced the same thing.)
    I called my auto insurer, Allstate, to initiate a claim for my Cadillac. I was told then by Allstate’ policy that my car would need to be appraised by at least two adjusters. On August 06, 4 adjusters, Christine, then Janie Hudson, and then Brandy Corley (Mrs. Milan out of town that day), called me and they all stated remotely on the phone that my Cadillac was a total loss. For verification, I then called them several times on August 06 to request that they come out to my Cadillac at the scene to take an actual look, like another insurance sent adjusters out inspected on my brothers’ car. Nobody came out per my request. The adjusters asked me to send over to them pictures and videos showing the salt water flooding my car. I fulfilled their request by emailing them the pictures and videos of my car I took the night the hurricane came. Then they told me everything was taken care of.
    On August 8th, Allstate offered me an amount of $34,664.00 + $1495.00 (condition adjustment) for the total loss of my Cadillac. I believed the offer was $4,000 under the current market value of my Cadillac model. I felt I was treated unfairly by Allstate, and have since rejected this offer.
    On August 11, my claim was escalated to the Allstate manager Mr. D. Alex Ashcraft. On my first phone conversation on August 11, Mr. D. Ashcraft was talking to me in a very shockingly rude manner. He was uptalk and unprofessional, treating me like a second class citizen and not discussing calmly over things according to Allstate’s rules and policy. I felt discriminated and I didn’t know what was his problem. Could it be because of my accent and/or my foreign name? I couldn’t take it any longer. Therefore, I simply hung up (not forget said good bye to him)—He did not want to continue to communicate with me through the phone. In subsequent correspondences with me through text messages and emails, he requested me to send over the current local market price lists for my Cadillac model and conditions, for CCC evaluation. Per his request, I sent over everything.
    I waited over a week later to check back with Mr. Ashcraft on August 21 (with big help from CAT department to get connect to Mr. Ashcraft) only to find out he had not submitted my lists to CCC, and now he was asking me to accept the only option to repair my Cadillac. I again felt that I was treated very unfairly by Mr. Ashcraft considering the case had already been declared a total loss. Also, as far as I know, once salt water flooded/damaged a car, it is not safe to be repaired or driven any more. Any car operation failure caused by the salt water damages can happen and result in personal injuries or deaths to me and my family while I drive that car. Therefore, I refused to take this offer to repair my Cadillac.
    Feeling untrustworthy of Mr. Ashcraft, I requested that my claim not be handled through him anymore. My case then was escalated to Mr. Heinz Reiss of Allstate.
    Mr. Reiss said on September 18, he could not change the case, took it ‘as is’, and proceeded with the repair option and the car has to repair in South Carolina with Allstate certified shop, but I live in Texas. What if they return my car and there’s still something wrong with the car and I can not go back all the way to South Carolina to get fix.
    My question is, “Did Allstate Customer Service follow my case fairly by their policy? Or, “Did they treat my case unfairly based on their personal feelings?”. How can a big company like Allstate be lack of integrity and not keep their word by ways of first declaring a claim a total loss and then later reneging on it? More than 6 weeks without a car and I have a job and a business to run. This is so devastating. PLEASE HELP!

    • Hi,
      First a car that has been declared a total loss by Allstate cant be repaired. They would pay out the car retain the car and most likely salvage it. A car that as flood damage can be fixed but NEVER EVER SAFE TO DRIVE. Once a engine has been flooded it is danaged you will have electrical damage and that within itself is unsafe.
      Take the payout ..and report Allstate to the state gov agency that oversees insurance complaints.

    • I have same problem with my claims with Allstate so I needed some help please was ur problem solved in proper way??

  2. I’m currently dealing with a big loss claim with Allstate and the outside claims adjuster just refuses to get the ball rolling. The accident happened 4 moths ago when a drunk driver drove into my home. The adjuster sent his buddy contractor to my house who had never seen a job that big which was his exact words. I then started to reach contractor who had experience with the type of loss I was dealing with. After I contracted someone I felt had the experience to get the job done, I advised the adjuster and that’s when I noticed the change. My contractor is Hispanic with a heavy accent. He is very professional and does not argue with makes me very comfortable with him. My contractor go the house ready so that his team could start the work once Allstate approved everything so there would be no charges I would have to pay that Allstate wouldn’t pay. The house also was built in the 60’s and asbestos was found so the contractor advised the adjuster and he sent an unlicensed asbestos person to the house who at first told my contractor that he agreed that the asbestos needed to be removed but then the adjustor said there was no asbestos to remove and that my contractor was the hold up. My contractor and I started emailing him and then he decided to send a different asbestos team to retest and determine the next step. A week later still no answers. I’ve come to the conclusion that this adjustor will do anything to cut corners on fixing my house and because my contractor is Hispanic and I’m a Black man then we don’t matter. It’s not fair that my contractor has done everything by the books and documented and sent the adjustor everything he needs so he can get the word “GO”. I also had to start an additional claim because since my house has been empty it’s been broken into and vandalized. I’m so powerless at this point and don’t know what to do.

  3. Thirty five years with Allstate, am terminating all policies with them today; three automobiles plus homeowners. I was rear ended by a distracted driver while stopped behind traffic at a signal this past November. Allstate was no help whatsoever. Very adept at communicating to me what they could not and would not do, rather than pursuing the at fault driver’s insurance ( State Farm ) to fairly and timely remediate damages. My late model Audi was totaled as was the distracted drivers vehicle. The “Good Hands” people have become the “Hands Off” people.

  4. You recently aired on TV a new commercial with a gentleman driving a car. The background music is about making money. It also shows the female hood ornament singing.

    I’m sorry to say this, but I think it is very freaky and we honestly cannot watch the commercial. My kids get really scared and I have to turn it off, when it comes on. The hood ornament looks like a ghost!

    Thanks for listening.

  5. You recently aired on TV a new commercial with a Blackman driving a car. Are you following in the footsteps of other advertisers with all blacks in your commercials while alienating 80% of your customers better beware of boycotts in process!!!!

  6. I have had Allstate for over 28 years. I have filed a claim on my house for wind and hail damage. I have followed Allstate’s request to a T and to no avail. They have given me the run around on replacing my roof. If I had only known then what I know now. Allstate is a company who takes takes takes and never gives. I have a house and 3 cars insured by Allstate. Never have I ever had to file a claim for my house. I am utterly disgusted. I’m in a fight till the end. The Allstate adjuster said my roof would be replaced. Now another adjuster has said it has to be repaired the roof is too old to be repaired. Allstate is the worst the absolute worst. As quickly as my claim was opened it was closed!!! The worst insurance company ever!!! Thanks for nothing Tyler Myers


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